I recently read an article where they asked some parents if they actually enjoyed playing with their young children. They really should have filmed their responses so you could feel the awkward silence in the air, and see the horror in their eyes knowing they were about to lie to the world.

An unbelievable 75% of them said ‘Yes’. The other 25% said ‘No’, but then sugar coated it by saying that they love their kids, they cherish them and one blamed her age for just not ‘coping’ with active play.

Come on people. Just tell the truth.

Everyone I have asked this question to, face-to-face, has responded with a ‘No’, or a sugar coated ‘No’, or pretended to not hear the question and run away blaming their kid for their quick exit.

It’s okay. Playing with toddlers/kids is really not a fun thing to do for us grown adults. Especially when it’s the same game over and over, plus when you have just got so much shit to do.

Dads love to play with their kids. Grandparents love to play with your kids. Other kids love to play with your kid. The imaginary friend loves to play with your kid. Kids love to play with their own reflection. But stay-at-home parents? Nope. Not really.

I honestly will tell you, that for me, imaginary play and making up stories…….I am 100% crap at. My toddler looks at me hopeful with the expectation that I am going to make his world into a made-up wonderland……

I got nothing kid. Sorry.


That is my downfall. Imaginary play. And I am a freaking graphic designer!! Creativity is what I live by. I just need hours to think about it first.

Oh, and another game I suck at is hide-and-seek (even though I get lots done when he hides. Sometimes I have forgotten we are playing and the poor kid is still hiding 20 minutes later).

So I don’t suck at playing at everything. Just those things. Some people probably hate all play. But I can do some. But only if I get to choose the ‘game’.

The ‘games’ I would choose to ‘play’ are below:

“Yum. Yum. Vege Garden” – Make it sound fun, or your kid will switch off immediately. This one is a cool idea for kids I think. We planted seeds awhile ago, and finally are seeing our results. Obviously this ‘game’ isn’t for the impatient. You do have to wait weeks and weeks and weeks for anything ‘fun’ to happen. Only yesterday we picked our first baby carrots – they weren’t shitting us on the ‘baby’ part either (see pic). So your kid could get bored of this one quick. But hey, I thought it was a goodie.

Our 'BABY CARROTS' Yes. They certainly are 'BABY'.
Our ‘BABY CARROTS’ Yes. They certainly are ‘BABY’.

“Let’s Clean, Sing and Dance Around the House”* – As I said above…..make it sound fun. My 2 year old loves this game. He will get the duster out and crack up laughing as he dusts (half-arsed I must say) down the furniture. We crank the music and sort of get the house cleaned. Hey, I am happy to finish cleaning the other half later. At least some of it’s done. If you are one of my readers who knows how much I hate cleaning then you will understand where I am coming from here.
*If I hear any smart mouthed comments about slave labour, I won’t be a happy mummy.

“We Love to Weed, Weed, Weed” – I am talking pulling out the weeds people. Don’t get all weird on me please. My toddler loves to be outside, so he loves this one. Yes, we hardly get much done, but at least while I am weeding, he can do laps on the lawn, kick the ball, climb the tree, and pull out the odd blade of grass (his version of weeds). So I am Mother of the Year with this one – he’s outdoors, he’s getting exercise, I am encouraging the inner horticulturist in him, etc etc.

Part of the 'Weeding Game'.
Part of the ‘Weeding Game’.

“Time For Mummy’s Massage” – This one is like a 30 second ‘game’. Doesn’t last long unfortunately. My toddler is all happy to play this game. He starts playing with Mummy’s hair, he rubs my arms and is nice and quiet (for 30 seconds remember). Then it turns into this hell hole ‘game’ by him pulling my hair, punching me in the arm, and running off pissing himself laughing. That’s what I get for having a boy I spose.

“Let’s Play With Next Doors Cat” – If you follow my page on facebook, you will know that we have sort of ‘adopted’ the cat over the road, without the owners’ knowledge. We all get along for awhile. All three of us, just chillin’ and singing hip hop songs together. My kid loves this cat. The cat loves me. I love my kid. We are just one big happy ‘thing’ when we get together.

Singing hip hop songs, and chillin' with our adopted cat.
Singing hip hop songs, and chillin’ with our adopted cat.

They are all the games I can think of that I don’t mind doing with my kid. Don’t call me a lazy Mum if you don’t agree that these are ‘fun’. I do heaps with my son. It may not be playing his so called ‘games’, but I know he is learning along the way, he is happy, he is healthy, and that’s the way it should be.

Let me know if you do actually enjoy playing with your children. And what games you do at home with them in my Comment section below.

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Love (as Reeve says),


p.s. The other game I just thought of was “Let’s See Who Can Stay The Quietest For The Most Amount Of Time”. I am awesome at this game. Reeve on the other hand fails at this game badly.

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22 thoughts on “WHO IS UP FOR A GAME OF WEEDING?

  1. Haha, I’m not really a player either. Last night we ‘played’ run down the hallway and jump on the beanbag, roly poly’s (I flipped them over onto a cushion about a billion times) and hide and seek (the usual as per my blog post awhile ago). We also built a lego house which the young one then gleefully destroyed while the older one screamed blue murder. So much FUN!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m more of a ‘You Run, I’ll Watch’ kind of gal. I can do building blocks (we haven’t got lego yet). But Reeve likes to karate chop them before I have even finished building my masterpiece. So it’s a game that doesn’t last long.



  2. Sounds great to me. My favourite with my school kids is ‘Sleeping Lions’ where they have to lie as quietly and as still as possible and see who can last the longest. With the baby the best game is playing fetch with the dog because the baby just sits still and watches, laughing until the dog gets bored.

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  3. My fav is when we play doctor because my 2yo tells me I’m sick and I need to rest, so I make him cover me up with blankets in my bed. Then he says he has to attend to other patients (stuffed animals), so he leaves me there for about 3 1/2 minutes before the game is over and we have to do something else. But that’s 3 1/2 minutes or rest, so I’ll take it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Caro :). Yes, everyone tells me having two is good because they get to play with each other….but they also fight with each other too. So with the good, comes the bad.

      Thanks for reading. xo


  4. I am totally hearing you!! I’ve played them all through gritted teeth. Lego, hide n seek, paper hats, baking cookies ( and no one eats any so I end up eating them all) superheroes, transformers out of boxes, painting, playdough.
    I now tell my youngest the reason we had him was so that his brother had someone to play with so play with . Now for me it’s minecraft or Xbox .. Personally If I have too much rather cricket with a glass of wine in hand! xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. What??!! No one eats your cookies?? Are you shitting me? Bring them over here…we will demolish them.

      Bring your boys over here too. They can all play together and we can get blotto on wine.

      Thanks for reading Skye. xo


  5. I work full time and so I should be one that treasures the imaginary games but I don’t! I play along but seriously, once he’s made me the 5th cup of tea in his play kitchen that I’ve had to pretend to drink, I’m like can we move on now! I do love hide and seek though, he is hilarious when it comes to hide and seek and the laughter and utter joy that he gets from it is just amazing! I totally get him helping with cleaning an gardening though – they are way fun games for him! Thanks so much for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I haven’t had the ‘make some tea’ game yet. I think I would like that one. I could just sit there and daydream :).

      They are pretty hilarious with how they react with games. Reeve is funny with hide-and-seek too. He has the best hiding spots! Sometimes I freak because I can’t find him….only hear his giggling.

      Thanks for hosting. x

      Liked by 1 person

  6. This is one of the great things about having twins. They’re so used to making up games together that I just have to ask them who I’m supposed to be and they have it all planned out for me. #TwinklyTuesday

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