My Catchphrases Parents Say to their Kids post I did a few months back, reminded a lot of my readers of their younger days and what their parents said to them. Some readers had no idea what the hell I was on about though. Probably because these are mostly Australian, and us Aussies have a weird sense of humour. Apparently.

Let’s get back to the basics here. We are parents. We have children. We are the grown ups and say very stern shit to them to make it all like we are the ‘boss’ and so on, blah, blah, blah.

When you are a parent with children that have strong personalities (or just a mouth), you sometimes get to the point where you are on STRUGGLE STREET. Struggle Street with a capital, ‘I got nothing left except this unmeaningful phrase my parents used on me when I was young’. Or maybe it’s a term to make them snap their actions into better ways. Or maybe it’s a threat. Shit! Who knows what it is. They seem to work. Sometimes.

Yes, this is the 2nd edition post of what we say to our kids when we got nowhere else to go…..

We’ll See: Every kid knows that when they ask their parents for something they really, really want and they get the answer ‘We’ll See’ back, understands that this translates into a big fat NO.

Kids: “Mummm!! Can we go to the pool? Pleeeeeeassse!”
Mums around the world: “We’ll see”.
Kids: “Awwww, shit. THAT MEANS NO!!! MUMMMMMM!”.

Don’t Get Smart With Me: Another confusing one for the youngsters. Really? I thought you wanted me to be smart? Like doctor smart? You know, the reason you are pushing me in school and everything? No? Okay. I will settle for second best and give one worded answers to you from now on.

Because I Said So: The last known phrase a parent will utter to their kids after they have used everything else in the book. Your child has asked ‘Why?’ so many times now that you have lost your shit.

“BECAUSE I SAID SO!!!!” It sort of solves everything in life, this one does.

"Smile for the picture!"  "Why?" "Because I bloody said so."
“Smile for the picture!”
“Because I bloody said so.”

Life’s Not Fair: Well it sure isn’t. Toughen up child with your whingeing and sooking. Life is a bit fat unfair journey. And us parents will just use this phrase on you everyday when you complain because it clarifies it that little bit more. Oh and also, our parents used it on us when they wanted to be all philosophical and shit. So we are just going to pass on the family tradition here.

I Have To Go See A Man About A Dog: A true Australian catchphrase from parents here. When I was younger I honestly thought these were true words coming from the very important adults in my life. Every time I heard them say this to me, I would be so excited that they were bringing home a puppy for me. And every time they did come home, my heart was shattered into a billion puppy dog pieces. Obviously, I never did get that puppy. We all know this is a phrase parents use on the kids when they are hiding shit from us. Oh, I see Dad. Going to your mates house and drinking beers are we?

Just Wait Until You Have Kids: The phrase parents use when the kids have pissed them off so much they can’t wait for karma to come back around and bite them on the arse. My Mum said this one constantly to me. And I was all like, ‘Whatever Mumsy. My kids are going to be angels and awesome and never whinge and cry.’ Shit. I was a bit wrong when I said this in my stupid younger years.

From generation to generation, these phrases are repeated to our kids. No harm comes from them, just lots of funny memories. Some of these may remind you of your childhood, and some you may have never heard of before.

Have any others that you remember? How funny are they? Please let me know on my Comments below or on my Facebook page. I can’t wait to see some others from you guys.

Love (as Reeve says),


p.s.Β  The ‘Because I Said So’ phrase is being used in our house all the time at the moment. My nearly three year old has just entered the ‘Why?’ stage. God help me. Please. Help Me!

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  1. Haha yes definitely “we’ll see” and “because I said so”. Or “ask your father”! One I found myself saying a lot was “if your best friend jumped off a cliff, does that mean you would too?!” and “you’re not going anywhere until you clean that room!” Such a mean mummy I am/was!

    Visiting from #teamIBOT.

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