My son, Reeve, is at an age where I am starting to see his imagination come to life. Simple things to us adults, are completely different in the eyes of a 2 ½ year old. And it’s so very interesting to view it from the perspective as a parent.

An apple, is now a super high speed ball…..flung at my clean walls. Snot, is now a high protein food for his body. The toy bike, is now his imaginary friend who must keep quiet, in case I hear them hiding out in the closet. His imagination is on fire!

As he is male, I know I am up for lots of fast and high powered action. He has taken an interest in pretending to be one of the marvel comic characters each day. It goes from Superman, to Batman, to Spiderman. Whatever he is in the mood for, and who he feels like impersonating…..


Seeing him grow up in front of my eyes, and putting his imagination to use……I tried to remember when I was a kid, and what creative ideas I used to keep myself entertained. I was brought up as an only child, so I sort of had to get the mind thinking! Not that I didn’t have friends or kids to play with, but I still needed to use my imagination a bit.

Now, some of the below truths I am about to announce to you, may make you think I am a complete weirdo…..or a creative genius!! Probably the former. But I am a graphic designer by trade, so I feel that some of my ‘weird’ and ‘strange’ behaviours as a child, helped me to become an awesome and creative adult.

I say these things in complete confidence that you won’t tell anyone else…..okay? Okay?…………I will take your word for it.

1. Ever since I can remember, I distinguished every letter of the alphabet, as having a gender. Yes, you heard me right. There were male and female letters. They also had relationships between each other. Because…..I have no freaking clue why, they just did.

Am I weirdo, or a creative genius? Shutup! I am a genius!!

I have no idea where I got this idea from, but I believe it helped me to learn the alphabet, plus put words and sentences together whilst I was learning at school. I can give you a few examples:

A is female. B is male. C is male. A & B are married, and C is their child.
D is male. E is male. F is male. D, is E’s father, and E & F are best friends….but F is a bit of a dick, and doesn’t treat E like a friend…(who the hell knows why. I wish I could ask my younger self that question).

Following me so far? It’s cool if you’re not.

G is male. H is female. I is male. G & H are married, and I is their son.  H also wears the ‘pants’ in the family. Probably because there aren’t many females in her ‘alphabet town’, so she needs to show some superiority, and not let the female sex be the minority…….or maybe she’s just a bit of a bitch.
J is male, K is female, L is male, M & N are female. J has a crush on K, but K is in love with L, and L is M & N’s big brother (M & N are sisters).

H is female, okay?
H is female, okay?

It sounds like freaking Days of our Lives in the alphabet world! I could tell you the rest of them, but this post would go on waaaay too long.

I know a lot of you out there, are probably thinking, “WTF??”. But it’s all true and it was how I thought of the alphabet. Look, I couldn’t make this shit up, even if I tried. So I swear, I’m not pulling this stuff out of my bum.

2. Another thing, is when I was around the age of 6 – 8 years old, I used to record my own voice, and pretend I was the host on a radio station. My Nan had this little old radio that had a microphone attached to it, and I thought it was the BEST THING EVER!! I would record my voice, sing songs (there was Michael Jackson and Belinda Carlisle melodies). I would interview pretend people (myself, obviously). Plus give the weather, and heaps of very other important shit.

Man, I used to even interview the cat if I got desperate! I would ask the family pet things like, “So, how is your day going today puss?” There would be silence or purring the other end. Then I would have to answer for him, or repeat the question until I got a ‘meow’ out of him. The cat never really cooperated well, so the interview was cut short most of the time.

Speak up cat! Your on live radio! (image from
Speak up cat! Your on live radio! (image from

My Mum has kept this little recording of my voice (it’s a whole tape), and listens to it to make herself cry with laughter.

3. Did you call your pet a normal name, like Spot, when you were younger? If I knew you back then, I would question that name. My Grandparents had a small farm when I was growing up, and I had the very important job of naming the animals. My weirdo mind ticked away and came up with names like ‘Lundell’ and ‘Borton’, for the cats. I would spend hours coming up with the ‘perfect name’ for all the animals they had….cats, dogs, horses, chickens, budgies etc.

I wanted unique and strangely unusual names so they would stand out from the rest. Don’t give me any of this Snowball shit. I wanted names that would forever be remembered. When one of the cats lives came to an end, we would bury them and I would shout all priest like…….


4.  All kids had their strange ways of avoiding monsters in their room. My way, was to always jump into my bed at night, but it had to be at least one metre away from my bed. Of course, the monsters under the bed had zero chance of attacking my feet and body then. Apparently these monsters were a bit hopeless at their job, and couldn’t grab me if I did a running long jump into bed.

Are you thinking I am Rain Man now? Well, he was a genius, you know.

The genius.
The genius.

5. I could always remember every detail from my dreams when I woke in the morning. EVERY BLOODY DETAIL! Mum would have the shitty job of listening to me when I got up the next morning. Two hours later, she walked off, saying “Great Kelly. Sounds like an interesting and very looooong dream”.

I have got lots more imagination stories from my childhood, but I think I am starting to sound super strange. So I think I had better shutup.

Creativity and imagination is what we want from our kids. It’s so amazing how they make up their own ‘worlds’, ‘imaginary friends’, and things that make you think as a parent, “What??? Where did you get that idea from? But that’s so awesome!!”

Do you remember any weird or creative imagination stories you had as a youngster? Please share them in the Comments section below. I want to hear if you were a weirdo (like me), or creative genius (like me).

You can also post on my Facebook page. Please SHARE and LIKE if you do enjoy reading :). I am also on Twitter and Instagram if you really want to love me.

Love (as Reeve says),


p.s. I swear I am a fit Mother. I am just a super strange, fit Mother.

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  1. Definitely a genius, no question. And omg I want to hear that tape of you interviewing the cat. TOO MUCH.

    I did all manner of weird shit myself. Including carrying a suitcase of pens and paper around with me EVERYWHERE so I could stop and draw or write stories whenever I felt like it. I guess my parents knew early on that I’d end up being a journalist 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s why you are an awesome journalist!! See, all that weird stuff we did as kids, paid off! We are freaking geniuses!
      The tape is very sacred. I only let very few people listen to it. My husband hasn’t even listened to it yet.


  2. The alphabet thing strikes me as a little odd but the rest seems completely reasonable. I used to sprint home from my babysitters when it was dark because I was convinced wolves were after me…


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahhh, I see. So you’re calling me a weirdo on the alphabet thing ;). Yes, I know….it’s super strange, but that was my mind back then. The dark can also do strange things to our minds 🙂


  3. Haha. That’s hilarious. Don’t know if you were weird or not, but it must’ve taken you forever to learn how to spell weird: ‘Now, let’s see: I (who is G & H’s child) before E (who is D’s son & F’s friend, but F is a bit of a dick) except after C (who is male & A & B’s child)….’

    Liked by 2 people

  4. He he! You definitely are quirky. But then I was similar; I used to record myself reading ‘the news’ and then moved on to the more exciting medium of video. Thought myself as a bit of a Speilberg and would ‘direct’ (boss about) my sister and friends lol

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have actually heard a lot of kids recording their voices, and filming themselves, when they were younger. It’s great creativity for the mind! I am sure Speilberg did it when he was younger too :). Thanks for reading. xo


  5. I’d go with interesting.
    There is a name for people who associate colours with words, letters and sounds.My colleagues wife and many of her family have it, it’s a part of how they learn and remember. My colleague also associates words with another similar word when he is learning a new thing, and then cannot shake it. I’m sure the alphabet gender thing fits in here somewhere, sorry I don’t know the name but will try to find out.
    Not weird, either genius or normal, either is good, and I would say you are right brain dominant and I’m sticking with interesting.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well, I am happy with interesting :)!! Yes, I actually looked into quite awhile ago, and found the associate colours with words thing too (can’t remember what it was called either). I have never heard of anyone doing the gender thing with letters, but then again I haven’t advertised to everyone I think like this (except until this blog!). Thanks Vicki 🙂 xo


  6. You are so funny girl! I too used to think letters AND numbers had genders! My biggest thing when I was younger is I would spend hours making up dance routines (I had a book that I would write down every move in) to various songs. I was obsessed. You would think I would have been a choreographer instead of a cosmetologist. I never played beauty bar when I was little. Thanks for sharing this with #momsterslink…just love your musings! Still laughing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. REALLY??? You are the only other person that I know that does that then. There must be some name for it. Yes, dance routines was another of mine too. I think most kids do this, and it’s awesome to see :). Thanks for hosting! Glad your laughing still 😉 xo

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Oh my, I have tears rolling down my face! You are an oddball, Kelly!
    I used to do the radio shows too – including my own made up adverts for local businesses, including excellent catchy jingles some of which I can still remember. And I also interviewed my cat!
    One other example of incredible journalism came when I decided to do an undercover interview with my dad where I hid the tape recorder behind the sofa, then asked him really mundane questions about his job as a telecomms engineer. Panorama it certainly was not.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Alice, I am very oddball. More so when I was younger though. I am bit more normal now ;). Haha! I know a few people who did the whole ‘radio’ thing when they were younger too. Love how you interviewed your cat too! They were never the best guests, where they? Did you ever tell your Dad that you were recording him?? That’s hilarious! Sneaky, sneaky 😉 xo


  8. Your alphabet thing definitely sounds a bit Days of Our Lives 🙂 but I totally get the jumping into bed from a metre away! Did that every time too! When our eldest was about 3, I saw him picking his nose. I asked him what he was doing – his reply, “just looking for stuff Mum”!

    Liked by 1 person

  9. I swear I replied to this with GENIUS!

    I used to have to jump from my door to the bed to stop the wolves poking my feet with their teeth. But their teeth had fallen out and the held them in their hands…….(#weirdo)

    OK now why did that alphabet only hve sons?? Thanks for linking with #effitfriday

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well, thank you :). Wow, that’s different about the wolves. Holding their teeth? Hmmm. I have no idea why Laura. I have no clue at all how I got this whole idea from in the first place! Thanks. x


  10. Um … weirdo! Haha. The alphabet thing is just a tad odd, the rest of it not so much! I remember having the most vivid dream about brightly coloured fluffy giant monsters being in my room and to this day I swear it was real! Oh, and my cats were called Biscuit and Horse.

    Liked by 1 person

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