Me and scary movies do not go well together. They are like a bad drug that I am addicted to. I always get scared when I watch one and vow to never watch another, then as soon as I see a preview, I gotta order that shit.

The other day Reeve was at daycare and after my housework and blogging, I thought, ‘Hmmm, I might see if there is a movie on’.

Look, I am not going to justify myself here. I don’t usually drop my kid off at daycare so others can look after him, then kick off my shoes when I get home and watch movies all day. It was just this once….and I just justified myself.

So anyway, I see that there is a horror movie on called ‘The Babadook‘. I had a little conversation with myself before the movie started:

Me:This looks good, let’s watch this.
Other Me:Are you crazy stupid??!! You know you freak out with scary movies.
Me:Yeah but it’s daylight and I haven’t watched one for ages.
Other Me:You are going to regret this.
Me:I will be fine. I’m sure it’s not that bad.
Other Me:Whatever. Don’t come crying to me when you can’t sleep for the next 2 weeks.

So after this little heated argument with myself, I watched the movie.


Actually. Do go and watch it. That way you will understand that I am not being a scared little girl, and you will see that this is one super scary piece of work.

Even in broad daylight, I was looking over my shoulder constantly to see if the freaking Babadook was in my house. I would even play a little game with myself and say “I am so brave that I will not look over my shoulder for the next 5 minutes”….I lasted 20 seconds.

There are scenes and certain noises from this movie that I cannot erase from my head. I had goosebumps the whole time. And you know how there is always a real quiet part in the movie and you know something really effing scary is about to happen???….well a few times during this movie when this happened, there would be this BANG on my sliding door near the lounge. This completely freaked me out.

I eventually found out it was this stupid little bird fighting with it’s own reflection. I nearly turned into the Babadook and chased the demonic feathered thing off.

The demonic bird that purposely scared the crap out of me during the movie.
The demonic bird that purposely scared the crap out of me during the movie.

Another thing that happens with me and watching movies is how much water I drink. Yep, some people eat chips, some people crunch on peanut M&M’s, but I guzzle water. Don’t ask me why, I just do. Chip people do this…..

Don’t go into that room (crunch, crunch) you stupid girl (crunch, crunch), that’s where the vampire zombie drooling (crunch, crunch, crunch) werewolf is!

Me, I’m all like…..

Why would you stay behind (slurp, guzzle, gulp) and not run (slurp, guzzle, gulp) you dumbarse woman (slurp, guzzle, gulp). Save yourself and get help (slurp, guzzle, gulp…..I need to go to the toilet now).”

So this sucks in itself as I am always missing parts of movies running to the toilet. If Matt is watching the movie with me, I will scream at him,…


I run back out and scream “WHAT HAPPENED? I NEED TO KNOW EVERY WORD”.

He replies, “Nothing Kelly. You were gone for 15 seconds”.

So during this horror movie I was watching by myself, I had to go to the toilet so many times, but I was too scared to go by myself.

*Sigh……why did I have to go and order this stupid movie. I should have listened to my other self.

You know how all kids are scared of the boogeyman? Yeah, well I still kinda am. Especially after watching super scary horror movies. I don’t believe in the boogeyman as such. But I seem to bring to life the scary characters from movies in my head.

When I was a kid, I could not have one millimetre of my body overhanging the bed at night. Maybe it is just habit from when I was younger, but every part of my body has to be on the bed. Paranormal Activity played with my head too much and I still have not got over it.

This diagram depicts the complete truth for me.
This diagram depicts the complete truth for me.

So after The Babadook had finally finished. I thanked my lucky stars that I could go pick up Reeve from daycare. I now had someone to protect me from all the demons that had crept into my house while I watched this movie – especially into that psycho bird that kept fighting with it self and my sliding door.

I made Reeve go into the house first when we got home. Because I am such a protective mother.

We made it into a little game….

Me:Reeve, go check Mummys’ cupboards please“.
Me:Reeve, go check under Mummys’ bed please“.
Me:Reeve, go scream and throw holy water at that bird outside please“.
Reeve:Okay Mummy. Can we stop playing this game now“.
Me:Righto. One last thing though. Can you put a block on the scary movie channel for Mummy? Thanks beautiful“.

I don’t know why I do this to myself….watching scary movies. I will never learn.

I still haven’t gotten over ‘The Ring’, and ‘The Grudge’, and ‘Ghost Ship’, and all those other awful horror movies. They are my drug though. I love them but then can’t sleep for weeks after watching.

After writing this blog….I have just relived that bloody horror movie. I will now not sleep for another 4 nights. But I am sure there is so many people out there who are the same as me???

Please share your scariest movie moment and help me believe that I am not the only one who sort of believes in the boogeyman!!

Love (as Reeve says),


p.s. WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT NOISE? Oh. That crappy little bird outside has come back.

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  1. I too have a love hate relationship with scary movies although I think it is more hate than love. The first scary movie I watched was Rosemary’s Baby when I in my teens and believed me it haunted me for a very very long time. Great read Kel and just one tip, you need to have dirty windows so birds aren’t flying into them and frightening the crap out of you.

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    1. I haven’t watched Rosemary’s Baby but I have heard of it. I hope the baby wasn’t the evil thing. That would change my whole outlook on babies.

      Thanks Sue. You and me are the same with scary movies, but we are still a sucker for them. My windows sure are dirty but that apparently doesn’t detract the birds. They were scaring me on purpose you know. xo


      1. Oh this is pure gold. This is SO me! I get that really excited fluttering feeling in my tummy when I commit to watching a scary movie, but I know deep down it’s going to seriously fck me up for days, if not weeks. The other funny thing is that even though I can’t handle watching them on my own, I can’t watch one with someone else in the room because they take away that horror feeling, they will tell me it’s not real blah blah or they’ll talk about something random mid movie which just totally kills it. I can’t remember the last time I watched one at night, it’s purely a day time thing for me these days and it has to be a fine sunny day, no clouds or any signs of darkness! And… As much you just told me NOT to watch this particular movie, now all I want to do is watch it!

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      2. Oh I really would prefer someone else in the room with me, but I totally get what you are saying. After the movie has finished Matt always tries to calm down and say ‘It’s not real Kelly. It’s just a movie, Good night’. I scream ‘Goodnight!!!! Are effing serious! There is no way I can sleep tonight or for the next week after watching that horror shit!’.

        Go on and watch it though. It’s about a Mother and Son in a creepy house and The Babadook gets in, and…..I will leave it there. But it’s pure freakish hell!


  2. Brilliant Kel, I know exactly what you’re saying. I love to hate them. Flying back to Ireland with a girlfriend we made a pact and decided to watch The Conjuring together. Not a great idea for the nerves to watch on a plane in the dark with headphones. The guy next to me found us hilarious though. The bravery although I still can’t get past the start of chucky… His head runs past the back of the couch I have to switch it off!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh God Ash! That Conjuring movie was a heart starter for sure!! It took me a long time to get around to watching that movie as it was supposed to be the scariest movie of the century – and that statement sort of put me off.

      I never watched the Chucky movies. Still won’t to this day. I have a massive fear of those dolls with those clacky moving eyes. Whoever invented those weird dolls needs to have a stern talking to.

      You and your friend are very brave….just as brave as me watching horror flicks!


  3. I really hate scary movies and can’t actually watch them. The last one I saw was the Blair Witch project and then none ever again! I love your picture of the hand hanging over the bed and the bogey man. I still remember being at preschool and having to have naps and I was sure that if I hung my hand over the edge something was going to get me – actually that’s probably my earliest memory no wonder I hate scary movies!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes Vicki!! Blair Witch Project played with my head too much. I never went camping or slept outside again after watching that movie.

      Haha! The diagram is a goodie. So simple, yet depicts what so many people went through in their childhood (and still to this day for me :)).

      Thanks for reading. xo


  4. Love this so much, I laughed out loud at the part about not having any body part over the edge of the bed, I am exactly the same! I hate horror movies, after watching The Blair Witch Project back in my high school days I became terrified of not what you can see, but what you CAN’T see. Didn’t help the trend at the time was to reenact it and go walking through the bush in the dead of night … Not that I played along of course. Ahem. I’ll leave the scary movies to you! Thrillers on the other hand – love em!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Honestly Haidee, I really think most people can’t have any part of their body hanging over the edge of bed….especially women. I have asked around you see :).

      Yes, you are totally right about the things you can’t see. Makes it so much more scarier. That is why Paranormal Activity freaked me out too much.

      I love thrillers too! Thanks for reading. xo


  5. It’s true, it’s all true! I’m the same with body parts hanging over the bed… and I can’t even look at a scary book or similar when it’s dark… my imagination takes over and it’s all downhill. Especially bad is when the baby wakes up for a feed and I have to brace myself to get up and go to him because… the boogeyman might be out there. Argh. Once, when I freaked myself out far too much, I made my husband get up and stand guard outside the toilet door for me in case something happened 🙂

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  6. OMG you are hilarious!!! I used to review movies and always hated it when it was a horror – I am the biggest sooky-la-la ever! Love that diagram by the way. Hands and feet always inside the covers round these parts. (Demons under the bed you know.)
    I think this comment is actually coming from my other blog, but we know each other from The Mama Files. I have enough trouble logging into as it is to try and figure out how to log in under a different name! X


    1. Rachel? Yes I read a few of your blogs last night…very good!

      Thanks for the kinds words. I think I am sort of funny, so I try and put it down in words that are my life…but exaggerated :).

      Thanks for reading. xo


  7. Amazing post! I especially love the bit where you guzzle water during the film! I really wish I had this habit instead of eating sweeties and chocolate! I am terrified by horror films but I can’t stop watching them. Zombie movies are my favourite. Ever since I saw the remake of Dawn of the Dead. Walking dead is too much for me – I can’t cope with zombie overload. I don’t think my children will take after me though. The started crying during Boxtrolls this weekend, it was just too darn scary! #beautifulblogposts

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah I’m a bit addicted to water. Not a bad thing I suppose.

      Zombie movies huh? I’m not much of a zombie fan, but I haven’t watched many of those movies. I will have to watch Dawn of the Dead and scare myself again ;).

      Crying at Boxtrolls! That’s a bit cute.

      Thanks for reading. xo

      Liked by 1 person

  8. This is brilliant! And no you are not crazy. I too LOVE scary movies and then am haunted for days but only if they are really good. Have you seen “Last House On The Left”? I would have to say that is the most recent labeled “scary” that left me a bit terrified for so long afterwards. My husband works nights a lot and I will still watch some crazy scary shit and then wonder why I can’t SLEEEEP. Oh and by the way….no need to justify taking your kid to daycare! If it wouldn’t cost me an arm, leg, and half my sole I would take mine too! I am looking forward to fall when one will be in kindergarten all day and the other two will have half days at preschool!! Since moving to my house in March of 2014 I have never had time ALONE! EVER!!! I won’t know what to do with myself. Fuck that! YES I will! **evil laughs**

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awww thanks! Oh yes!!! I love that movie….actually one of my faves. But it’s scary shit. Wow, you are one brave lady if your hub works a lot of nights. Do you have big dogs?? Or even a state-of-the-art alarm system?? After watching horrifying shit scary movies in the dead of the night, you probably should get dogs or alarm.

      Thanks for the part about daycare too :). It is expensive, but he has fun and it gives me a few hours to get shit done!! You won’t know what to do when all your kids are out of the house! Start throwing day parties or something ;). Thanks for your lovely comments. xxoo

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I have a German Shepard and a safe full of guns 🙂 I’m covered. I wouldn’t have time for day parties as my girls will only be gone from 8-11:30 but I will have time to get my hair done or maybe have an uninterrupted thought 🙂 that would be glorious. 😀

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