Last Sunday, I went out and drank 349 (if I remember correctly) alcoholic beverages, and it was awesome!! I will be hungover for the next 16 weeks but it was all so worth it.

Before I go any further….I did go with other people. I wasn’t drinking by myself. I only do that on Mondays. And also when I am thirsty.

No, I went with a couple of lovely friends who I have known for years and don’t judge me if I get crazy with a few vodkas under my belt. They do tell me I’m crazy, but I have known them too long to take their advice seriously.

Going on a girls night out for most Mummas, has to be more rare than your kid having a 2 hour sleep in. It’s super rare for me too, but I loved every moment of my ‘overnight break’!

The best part was, it wasn’t even down at the local pub. Nope. I was living it up in the Big Smoke.  We visited places that had words in their names like ‘The’, and ‘Lychee’, and ‘Lounge’. We did go to one dodge bar that had words in it like ‘The’ and ‘Boundary’, but let’s just say it was full of things like ‘Douche’ and ‘Bags’.

We were drinking cocktails that cost $37 each, and had ingredients in them like ‘Smokey Ash’ (I think they sparked up a ciggy in the back and just tapped it in the drink. It tasted that shit). Ate at a cute little Mexican joint which had the best nachos – we actually didn’t care if they just gave us a bag of corn chips to share, and charged us $100. We were getting hungry and a bit drunkity drunk by this stage.

Honestly, I wasn’t worried how much money we spent on flashy drinks and food. We were out in the city. We were free from our kids. We had no responsibilities. We were slowly killing our brain cells, and loving every single moment of it.

There was dancing (we were the only ones). Singing incredibly in tune together, while sloshing our drinks over the disgusted surrounding onlookers. Shouting over each other to get our point across. Getting hit on by weird Spanish men. There were an unbelievable amount of empty glasses in front of us (the glass boy couldn’t keep up with us). Nacho sauce on our clothes. And just lots of laughing. It was a very good afternoon/night/nearly the next morning.

This was us when we were ‘All Class’……..IMG_0745

This was us a couple of hours later. Still have a bit of ‘Class’ in us,
but also a touch of ‘Alcoholic Stupidity’……IMG_0749

This is an INTERPRETATION of us when our blood had turned into vodka a few hours later……Drunk_girls_by_Picturethisbabyx3

You know how we all want a break from the kiddies? We carry on for one. We beg and whinge for one. We dream about our last time we were out with friends. But as soon as we are away from our children…..we miss them.

We can’t win really. That night I really did miss Reeve but I tried not to dwell on it, otherwise I would have been annoyed at myself for not 100% enjoying myself and having a small break. But I couldn’t wait to see him the next day. He grabbed me and gave me one of his super hugs….it was lovely.

I have vowed I don’t need another night out for another 6 months. But it will probably be next week where I am begging for a break from motherhood! Maybe I shouldn’t leave it 6 months in between Girls Night Out time, as then I may not feel the need to consume 10 litres of vodka! It’s all good people….vodka is one of the ‘healthier’ versions of alcohol.

Thank you friends for a wonderful night out. It was memorable. Let’s do it again next year. Maybe we can get through the whole night as classy ladies next time ;).

Would love to hear any versions or see any photos from my readers Girls Night Out (keep it clean though). You can post them on my facebook page, or just comment in the section below.

Love (as Reeve says),


p.s. WARNING: As parents who are no longer young teeny boppers, a night like the above will take weeks to get over. Your body will hate you for ages. Your kid doesn’t care that you are so much more tired than usual. You will have to soldier on through the days and complain to people who couldn’t give a shit. Just thought this Warning may help for you in the future.

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4 thoughts on “GIRLS NIGHT OUT!!

  1. Oh how I have longed for a night like this one! Since moving here to the middle of fucking nowhere I have had a hard time finding a posse that loves and accepts me for the drunk mouthy wino that I am 😂 but I am still looking and won’t give up! Your night looked fabulous! Thanks for sharing this with me at #momsterslink. Hope to see you Friday!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. If I lived near you, I would get drunk with you. I know us Mummas don’t get to have many of these nights out, but they sure are good when we do :)!! It was a very good day/night – we spread it out over a lot of hours.
      You will see me for your next one! Your Friday is my Saturday…….see you then. xo

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