My husband and I don’t do this ‘holiday’. If that’s what you want to call it – A holiday.

It’s more like an incredibly overpriced sales pitch to the public, wreaking in awfully strong Red Door perfume, with a $25 red rose that has been starved of water but ‘prettied’ up with some white baby’s breath.

It’s just such a wrought.

I may have celebrated Valentine’s back when I was 18 or something. I vaguely remember being romanced over a steak and chips counter meal, washed down with a $3 special glass of Coolabah Sweet Fruity White. Ahh, the romance.

But that’s what it’s all about. The experience, not how much money is spent.

This year, I actually did take my three year old for morning tea and a movie. He has never been to the cinema, so this was going to be interesting. But what was even more interesting, was the different types of ‘Valentine’s People’ around.

You could spot them all a mile away.



The One Who Breathes/Smells/Sees/Doesn’t Shutup About Valentine’s Day:

This person sucks.

All they do is yap on about how romantic this day is, and as Valentine’s Day gets closer they constantly bring up that time where their boyfriend took them on a sunset champagne cruise while endangered dolphins from Africa jumped out of the water at exactly the right time, and then a rainbow came out and world peace may have started from that moment on and everything was so perfect because it was “Sooooo romantic”, blah blah blahdy blah.

It’s also all about the flowers (roses only) for this person too. And everyone will know exactly what flowers they received, because they would have plastered their pot of 78 red roses (one for each second they have spent away from each other) all over Instagram/Facebook/Twitter/Channel 9 News/Grammy Awards/Russian Space Station Satellite Images.

This is their most favourite day of the year. It’s all about the love, and how much money you spent on them.



The One Who Always Forgets, Then Ends Up Broke:

You will know when see this one. They will be running frantically through the shops silently mouthing things like, “Oh shit!” and “I am going to get my arse kicked so bad!”, and, “WHY DO I ALWAYS FORGET THESE STUPID SHITTY DAYS??!!”. All the while hyperventilating and flapping their hard earned money crazily in the air, shouting, “JUST TAKE MY MONEY!! ANYTHING! SELL ME ANYTHING!!”

Most likely to announce to their partner “That they are just going to duck to the shops. No of course I haven’t forgotten, love. I am planning something special”.
*slams door and drives in hot pursuit to the closest florist/chocolate shop/servo*.

This person is likely to get caught speeding; blow their monthly budget on a stuffed toy present – because everything goes up a billion percent on Valentine’s Day; or have an aneurysm from all the stress they put on themselves for forgetting every year.

This person is so screwed.



The One Who Loathes Valentine’s Day, So Very Much:

Don’t mention the ‘V’ word around this one. Violins will start playing and they will remind you what happened to them on that Valentine’s Day back in 1998. There will be tears, moments of hatred, maybe some glassware thrown, lots of anger, some more tears shared, and then a slap in the face because you stupidly mentioned that word in front of them.

This person actively hates this day, all because of that time their partner did something unmentionable and RUINED THEIR LIVES FOREVER. They will voice this opinion whenever they can. They will also announce that Valentine’s Day is shit, cute couples are shit, flowers are shit. Everything is shit.

Stay away from this psycho on the Love Day.



The One Who Celebrates Valentine’s Day With Everyone, Even Their Pets:

Craft and desperation is strong with this one. This is the person who spent the past two weeks making everyone personalized love cards, and took up a second job just so they could afford to buy everyone a pink rose with attached candy heart.

Yeah, this person will make you feel guilty for not making them anything. But you just can’t get too close to this person, because you know they get super clingy if you even stare at them for longer than two seconds. Their nights are usually lonely but can include feeding their dog ice-cream and singing karaoke songs, with their goldfish.

But give this person a hug, because they probably really need it. But don’t hug for longer than 1.5 seconds. And also do strong pats on the back, so they know it’s only a ‘friendly’ hug and nothing will eventuate from this embrace.



The One Who Drowns Their Sorrows On This Lonely Day:

This is the person who has been talking about getting drunk on Valentine’s Day for weeks, and definitely with the same level of excitement as those who actually have something planned.

“So Janice, got anything planned for this Valentine’s?”

“Shit yeah!! Vodka martinis are on the menu all night! I can’t wait!”

While everyone else is staring lovingly into each others eyes over a romantic dinner, Janice is getting shitfaced on the dance floor and trying to sing ‘Horses’ in a nice sober tune.

If you see Janice, or this type of person out, you may have to guide them to the taxi rank on your way out. Or at least buy them a shot of good quality bourbon.


There all different types out there. And good luck to them all. Valentine’s Day is celebrated differently to everyone.

I look forward to receiving my little love present from my son which he has made at daycare. That little gift itself makes me flutter inside. But in saying that, this year his daycare DIDN’T BLOODY DO ANYTHING FOR THE MUMS! Crap.

Valentine’s Day is a bit his and miss really.

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  1. Hahaha, thankfully there aren’t that many of the first type around these days, that I’ve encountered anyway. I’m more likely to see pictures of Valentine’s Day cards and presents being shared between mums and kids!! I actually forgot it was V Day until about 10pm that night when I started seeing those types of pics on FB. So I guess it’s not that big a deal for me!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, they sort of are a dying breed. But they are still out there! I saw some the other day. I took my three year old son out for a movie, which was enough for me :). Haha! You remembered at 10pm? Yeah, it’s definitely not a day that I am into either.


  2. We’ve been married for 16 years this year (yes I’m getting long in the tooth now!) so Valentine’s Day is not something we celebrate, for all the reasons you’ve brought up. It really is just a cash grab – we’d much rather save our money and spend on something that actually means something to us!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Congrats on the 16 years!! I am at 8 years in a few weeks, and we have never celebrated it. I completely agree with saving your money for something else. Everything is so much more expensive on Valentine’s Day anyway, so just take me out for dinner on a ‘normal’ night :).


    1. So your a ‘Janice’ type of gal ;). Well, don’t worry too much Lu. Valentine’s is all a scam. Your hubby was just saving you guys money. But because he forgot your rose, I hoped he remembered to cook dinner….for the next week!!


  3. I got a coffee in bed and left in peace to enjoy it! My husband went out at 7am and bought it for me 🙂 I then made him scrambled eggs for breakfast. That was the extent of our Valentines Day! He once bought me flowers and I told him off for wasting money! LOL. They’re so damn expensive!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow, that sounds awesome. I honestly don’t think I have ever drank a coffee in bed. Knowing me, I will have some sort of weird accident by burning my body with the coffee. Eggs sound good too! Lucky man ;). Yep, agree. Flowers are lovely, but such a waste of money.


  4. I’ve been lukewarm about Vday most of the time. Occasionally when our kids were young I’d give them a nice card’s about LOVE, yeah? No, we did nothing this year but 45 years of marriage lately, we got the badge, the t-shirt and all that! Denyse #teamIBOT

    Liked by 1 person

  5. For our first Valentine’s Day together my partner bought me a bottle of Tabu. *barf*. I was going to cook a roast dinner for him this year but it was as hot as hades and I just didn’t feel like it. We had pizza delivered instead.


  6. I am definitely the forgetful type! And my husband is always organised and impressive on valentines day. Same goes for our anniversary. Ah well, I like to challenge gender stereotypes 😉

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