Ever thought about what makes you ‘Parent’ the way you do? Is it because you follow the ways your parents brought you up, or just what you believe in, or maybe you just go with the flow and see what happens. I am a mixture of all those, I think.

I was recently tagged by Absolutely Prabulous to do the “I Am A Mum/Dad Who….” tag. It asks Mums, or Moms, or Mamas, or Mothers …..or any wonderful Dads around the world, to be honest and write down what kind of Parent they are, then show the rest of their readers.

So this is a serious post (unusual for me, I know). But I thought of some things I do as a Mum, that may be worth writing down. Some you can probably relate to, others, maybe not.

Honesty, especially to yourself, is good for the soul. So anyway, I will try my best. Here is my list of…..


1. Will stare in awe at my son, and think how incredibly lucky I am. I stare for ages.  And not even when he’s sleeping. He probably thinks I am some sort of stalker Mum! He just amazes me – as most kids do with their parents.

2. Dances crazily around the house, sings loudly, or just does childish things to make my son laugh. My Mum did this with me a lot when I was young (and still sort of does), so I carry forward the ‘craziness’ in our family ;).

3. Questions myself every time I drop my son off to daycare (twice a week). Maybe I should pull him out? Maybe I could work and have him home at the same time? I get sooo much done when he is at daycare, but I miss him horribly. Will it boost his confidence? Will it give him plenty of mental stimulation? Will it be good for him in the long run? I believe in a yes answer to all those questions.

4. Freaks out at ‘kid-mess’ around the house. You would think I would have got used to it, or at least turned a ‘blind eye’ since I have had my son. But, nope.

My Reeve at 22 months.
My Reeve at 22 months.

5. Worries about everything. This is what every Mum does, but it’s such a helpless feeling. God help me when I send my kid off to actual school.

6. Will ask for random hugs and kisses. Even in weird places like the supermarket, or in the dentists’ waiting room. From my son, not from random strangers…….just had to clarify that part. Affection is very important to our family, and I love how it shines through in Reeve.

7. Can raise her voice too often. It happens, and I immediately regret it after I have done it. Especially if it wasn’t necessary. I have a tendency to speak before I think sometimes……shitty trait to have.

8. Hates wasting food. Hates it. We have leftover night lots through the week, just so I don’t waste anything. “Who’s up for spaghetti bolognaise for the fourth time this week??”.

Me and Reeve (3 months)
Me and Reeve (3 months)

9. Needs ‘ME’ time. I love my son to pieces, but sometimes I just want to be left alone, or to not be touched constantly, or just have some quiet time – alone. It certainly helps to have this alone time as a parent, otherwise cracks start to form around the edges – literally.

10. Makes my son eat a couple pieces of fruit a day, but hasn’t touched a piece myself for three days. HYPPPPOOOCRITTTE!!!

11. Will watch kids shows by myself, and not even realise it until 15 minutes later. Sometimes, I really get into Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. You will hear me screaming “Oh Toodles” to the television, then immediately after, “Oh shit. What the hell am I doing?”, but then still continue to watch. I have to find out what happens, you know?

Reeve and myself at his first birthday party.
Reeve and myself at his first birthday party.

12. Understands what my Mum meant when she said, “Just wait until you have kids, Kelly. It’s bloody hard work!”. Oh yes Mum. I totally get you now. Sorry for the delay in understanding.

13. Has become so much more confident since having my son. It’s incredible how kids can somehow make you face your biggest fears, simply because there is no other option.

14. Plans my week with my son and husband, without fail. If I am not organised for each day, I feel very out-of-the-loop. I like to write down pretty much everything I am going to do for that day/week, and follow that routine….O.C.D. much?!

15. Is super proud of the smallest of achievements from my son. It could be him kicking the ball into the soccer goal; remembering to close the door behind him; checking if cars are coming before crossing the road; or just using his manners throughout the day. The little things are sometimes the best ones.


16. Loves to cook with my boy. Other than being a Mum, a wife, a blogger, and part time graphic designer……I love researching recipes to get inspiration. I really enjoy cooking, and try to have a big cooking day every week (or when I get time). He loves it too, and it usually helps him to try new foods.

17. Will be forever grateful for my husband and son. They make me a better person, and for that, I am very lucky lady. Thanks boys. xo

I am supposed to tag some other bloggers to do the ‘I Am A Mum/Dad Who…’, so I will list a couple below. Sorry if you guys below have already done it before. If you haven’t, do it if you have time, or even want to…..no biggie either way –

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As a reader, if you would like to share one of your ‘I Am A Mum/Dad Who’ thoughts, please let me know in the Comments section below. You can also post on my Facebook page. Please SHARE and LIKE if you do enjoy reading :). I am also on Twitter and Instagram if you really want to love me.

Love (as Reeve says),


p.s. I could have written a few more points, but it’s so hard when you have to think of something sort of interesting about yourself. It was also weird to write a serious style post…..very weird.

17 thoughts on “I AM A MUM WHO…

  1. what a great idea for a blog post and spreading the blog love around the world! Its a good way to get to know you a bit better 🙂 You sound like a fantastic mother, and you’re very much like me as a mother I think 🙂 I’m a planner too, and I like neatness and I somehow find myself watching playschool even if my bub isnt watching! lol the things we do…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It is huh? You should so do this too. Even if it’s not a blog post, just do it for yourself. Thanks Lu. I am a massive planner…always have been. Nah, playschool is boring to me. I am into more Mickey, Tree Fu Tom, and Shaun the Sheep……just saying ;). xo


    1. Awww, thanks. You just write down points starting with…I am a Mum who….? Just come up with a few things yourself. It’s hard Rach, but just think about it over a few days, and see what you come up with. It makes you think!! xo


  2. That’s a lovely post! What a great idea! It’s funny you mention having more confidence – I’m terrified of spiders but I find myself putting on a brave face when Emma decided to look at them. I really don’t want her growing up with my irrational fears 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You will have to do this too! It is a great idea. Oh wow….spiders?! Yeah I have more confidence, but definitely not around spiders. They can just stay away from me thanks! Thanks for reading. x

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I totally get the watching the kids show thing! The other day I watched the whole episode of Peppa Pig, and then found myself putting on another – and my daughter wasn’t even in the room! Haha. Good job they are only 3 minute episodes!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I don’t mind Peppa myself. It is funny how we catch ourselves watching these shows….by ourselves! The only show I cant stand is Thomas the Tank Engine! Do not like it!! But I can watch the rest of them ;). Thanks for reading. xo

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Agh! Sorry, how did I miss this post? Stoopid FB newsfeed skipping over you (how dare they!). I loved this post, I feel like I know you even better now. I’m a mum who does a lot of what you do too. I will do my version of this next week sometime 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah Facebook is annoying me lately! Thanks. Was it weird reading a serious post from me? Just do it when you get time. You don’t have to if you don’t want. x


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