We all do it. Over think things.

We wonder why we are here on this planet. Where do humans get the urge to hurt other humans. Why isn’t there an easy way to lose weight while eating chocolate. If an ambulance is on its way to save someone, and it runs someone over, does it stop to help them? If there’s a speed of sound and a speed of light, is there a speed of smell? I wonder what the true purpose of eyebrows is?

And it’s normal. To think. About weird shit.



It’s like our brains switch into action, just as we are super exhausted and ready for a blissful night’s sleep.

BRAIN: “Oh no, sorry lady. We got some serious shit to think about now. Some of it’s important, but most of it’s really out of our control, and dumb – but I am still going to make you worry about it.”

It happens to me almost every night.

I jump into bed, all very excited, because I get to relax and read my book. Then turn off my light ready for a perfect nights sleep (give or take a couple of wakings because of the child). But this plan always goes a bit off course.

My brain starts to do stupid shit. It starts thinking and worrying, and worrying.

9:06pm – Good night world.
9:07pm – Shit. I forgot to close the back door.
9:10 pm – Good night world.
9:11pm – *slurps from water bottle*
9:12pm – Shut up world, and good night.
9:20pm – Shit. I forgot to text Mum back. Oh well, I will do it in the morning.
9:22pm – *texts Mum back*
9:25pm – I better contact that guy tomorrow about the delivery of the bed.
9:26pm – Why the hell isn’t it here yet anyway? They promised delivery in 2 weeks.
9:30pm – Arsehole company.
9:31pm – *slurps from water bottle*
9:40pm – That book I just finished was really good. I will have to get another one from the library.
9:41pm – I will go to the library tomorrow.
9:42pm – I wish the library was closer so I could walk there. I really need to exercise.
9:43pm – The library sucks. It can wait.
9:45pm – *slurps from water bottle*
9:46pm – Shit. I need to go to the toilet.
9:48pm – *slurps from water bottle*
9:49pm – I really have to get my water drinking under control.
9:50pm – I wonder if you can drown from too much water drinking?
9:51pm – It’s funny how the world is mostly made up of water.
9:52pm – Not funny ha-ha, but just funny strange.
9:53pm – SHUTUP BRAIN! I really need to go to sleep.
9:54pm – If I go to sleep right now, I will have 7 and 36 minutes  before I need to wake again.
9:57pm – Now I will have 7 hours and 33 minutes of sleep time.
10:00pm – Now, 7 hours and 30 minutes.
10:05pm – *husband comes to bed*
10:06pm – Him: ‘Night. Me: ‘Night.
10:08pm – *snoring his head off*
10:09pm – *me, still bloody thinking*
10:10pm – How can he go to sleep so easily? I wish I could. Maybe I need to work more.
10:11pm – I wish he would shutup with his snoring. I can’t sleep!
10:12pm – He is lovely though. He works so hard. I love him.
10:13pm – AARRRGGGHH! SHUTUP WITH THE SNORING ALREADY! *pushes husband in back*
1:20am – Oh yay! I got some sleep. Now, go back to sleep before you start thinking again.
1:28am – *wide awake* CRAP.
1:30am – I wonder what me and the kiddo should do tomorrow. Maybe that trampoline place?
1:31am – Kids have so many cool things to do these days. I didn’t when I was young.
1:32am – No. Stuff it. We won’t go to that trampoline place. We will go to the park.
1:33am – But I hate the park. It’s shit. Trampoline place it is then.
1:34am – *slurps from water bottle*
1:35am – Man! I need to go to the toilet again. Maybe I have a problem?
1:37am – I wonder if I should go to the doctor about it – My water problem?
1:38am – Okay, shoosh and go to sleep.
1:39am – *crickets chirping*
1:40am – I wonder where crickets go during the day?
4:10am – Eeekk. I just had the worst dream. About crickets.
4:11am – Why are my dreams always weird?
4:12am – Maybe there is something wrong with me?
4:13am – I should really look into that dream problem thing.
4:14am – *slurps from water bottle*
4:15am – And my water problem too.
4:16am – Okay, sleep time. I only have a little bit to go before I have to face another day.
5:37am – *three year old races in and jumps on bed*
5:38am – I’m so tired. *starts falling asleep*

And the vicious circle continues. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. For the rest of my life.

Sound familiar? Always with the thinking at night time?

If you have trouble sleeping because your stupid brain likes to think random shit at night, please let me know in comments section below.

Love (as Reeve says),


p.s. Even my husband thinks I have a water drinking problem. I wonder if they have meetings for water alcoholics? I will think about that tonight, when I am supposed to be sleeping.

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  1. Hahaha! OMG, the part of the conversation where you think to yourself ‘I have only 7 hours and 36 minutes till I have to get up’ is so me! If I go to bed too late I start to panic and think about how little sleep I’m going to get and then have trouble sleeping. Generally speaking I go to sleep pretty quick smart though! Unless there is something going on that’s causing me anxiety in which case I can lay awake all night! #TeamIBOT

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I do it all the time. And every time I tell myself, I get more woken up! You are lucky you go to sleep quickly. I have always had troubles getting to sleep – even before kids! I worry about everything!


  2. Lol my brain totally. Even with a sleeping tablet which only actually helps in dropping off to sleep not staying asleep!

    On the water thing it is likely you are dehydrated. Try for a few days to get say 2L in before 5pm and see if you still want as much at night and if you need to wee as much throughout the night. Frequent seeing is actually a symptom of dehydration. Oh and if you have a cuppa before bed coffee or tea you will be guaranteed to need to go during the night as they both have a diuretic effect.

    I know it doesn’t help you but I am glad I’m not alone!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have never had a sleeping tablet. But now, I’m tempted ;).

      Thanks Cathy. I actually do drink heaps of water during the day too. It’s my thing :). I just drink too much. Sometimes I do have a cup of tea before bed, which is my own fault, and expect to get up a bazillion times a night. I just need to ease up a bit on the liquids 🙂


      1. Oh my sleeping tab is melatonin so while it is stupidly expensive in Australia and I don’t know if it is available otc it is non-addictive and it does I am sure help me fall back to sleep quicker if I wake in the night plus I don’t wake up like a zombie in the morning.

        Liked by 1 person

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