So Christmas holidays have been booked for us. The husband, child and myself have decided to go back to my hometown for a nice break.

But that means I have to step aboard a big arse metal thing that flies.

With a child.

Yes, Christmas is still a way off, but I am already freaking out a bit on the thought of the plane trip across. It will take two plane trips, a total of nearly seven hours, and a whole lot of snacks. Plus never ending amounts of Rescue Remedy (or wine), to take the edge off.

Reeve, my son, will be nearly three years old by the time we take this trip, but still not quite at an age where he just sit, relax and enjoy the scenery.

The other reason I am freaking out a touch craploads, is because I dread flying. Actually, dread may not be the correct word. I hyperventilate when I know I have to fly. I get all sweaty and terrified. My brain goes into overdrive and I start asking myself questions like….

How can a plane that is built of metal and cords and a whole lot of other really heavy shit, able to stay up in the sky? Apparently the aeronautical world have this under control (most of the time). But can I trust a couple of dudes that I have never met? Check that checklist twenty times please pilots. Make sure you are concentrating dammit!!!

This doesn't seem right to me. Heavy metal staying afloat in the sky??
This doesn’t seem right to me. Heavy metal staying afloat in the sky??

Will there be turbulence? Why is there turbulence? I am one of those passengers who feel a bump in the sky, and immediately look directly at the air hostesses. Are they freaking out? Is that a fake smile? Look into their eyes…..that way you will know the truth. The eyes never lie.

This can't be professional!
This can’t be professional!

Do I request a seat near the front of the plane, so I can maybe overhear the pilots work out their plan? Over the wing near the exits? Near the back where I have to endure the constant traffic of toilet goers??? Where is the safest position to sit, so I may just have the tiniest bit of survival. Can I request a parachute when I book my ticket? I am happy to pay. Just give me one!!!

When I had to fly to Las Vegas for my honeymoon a few years ago, I had to watch the seven part version of ‘Don’t Freak Out When You Fly – Here’s Why’, on Youtube. It helped a bit, but there’s nothing more terrifying that sitting in a plane flying across the ocean……in the dark…..knowing you are shitloads of kilometres directly north of actual land.

I suppose at least I will have my energetic son to keep me distracted. I may even welcome the full-on attitude and constant whinging (probably not though), to keep my mind off the fact that I am so FREAKING HIGH UP!

Of course it is a known fact that flying with children can also be terrifying. All that screaming, running amok and kicking the seats. That is something I am not looking forward to.

I admit my son is pretty well behaved, but a small confined space for a few hours is likely to drive him a bit insane. That is where the numerous amount of snacks come in. Food works every time. Well, 90% of the time. The other 10% is just improvisation.

Lucky the trusty husband is by my side to take some of the load off. If Reeve ‘plays up’, I will be mouthing to all the other passengers “I think it’s his child. Not mine.”

I did contemplate driving across instead of flying. But that would take four to five days. And I think that is a bit more terrifying. Stuck in a car with an energetic small person?

Hmmm, I will pass on that thanks.

So wish me luck. Actually, don’t. That means you think I will need it. Just send me wine and a whole lot of Rescue Remedy. I will be downing that stuff before I step afoot the big metal thing.

Are you scared of flying too? Is there any amazing facts about flying you can share with me? Please let me know in the Comments section so I can relax a bit.

Love (as Reeve says),


p.s. Apologies in advance to all the passengers who I will be flying with too. There may be a lot of sweating (from me), loud talking (from all of us), and ridiculous questions to the air hostess (from me and the child).

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23 thoughts on “I FREAK OUT AT FLYING

    1. Agree Lisa. I am probably a bit better than I ever used to be, but I still really feel uncomfortable flying. And yes, I know planes are safer than cars. I think I just feel more in control in a car. Thanks though! I can’t wait for the holiday πŸ™‚


  1. OMG, when are we not the same! I hate flying! I had a dream that I was in a plane that crashed on take off and it was so vivid that it completely freaked me out and I went from loving flying to hating it. I then started dreaming about plane crashes and the next day there would be a plane crash reported in the news eerily similar to my dream (this happened three times). Omen?! Agh! Good luck!

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    1. haha! I knew you would relate to this one. If I had a dream, sorry nightmare, about a plane crash….I sure as hell would not get on the plane the next day. Good luck??!! What are you trying to tell me? I said send wine, not luck!!


  2. I’m ok with it once I forget I’m flying – but I don’t really know how I get to that point. Ironically, once I’m there, I love looking out of the window at the ground and saw some beautiful city when my plane was being slowed due to congestion at sunset once.

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    1. Thanks for your comment Vanessa. I wish I could forget that I was flying. It never leaves my mind when I am up in the air. I wish I was better at it. There is obviously more things to be scared of, but flying truly freaks me out!


  3. To try and help ease your nerves I would suggest trying NOT to focus on the whole flying bit.
    Break each stage down step by step and focus just on that one bit as you are doing it

    At the moment focus on your documents, packing, and ensuring you have your son prepared.
    If you would like more tips on flying with kids I have heaps in my Getting There Travel Tips Pages on Flying with Kids Tips.

    Pop over when you have chance and let me know if there is anything more I can help you with.

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    1. Thanks Sally. Those tips are handy :). My son definitely keeps me distracted on the lead up to a holiday. I just freak out when I am on the actual plane. But I am sure I will be okay. I hope anyway :). I will check out your page soon. Thanks again. x


  4. I am not much help, I love flying! However I do not like the toilets on the plane, that always freaks me out, like the minute I go in we are going to hit extreme turbulence or something crazy. I think its more the confined space thing. This generally leads to me becoming dehydrated on fights though which makes them bad. So make sure you drink lots of water, it will also help the freak out πŸ™‚

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  5. I could have written your post. Married to an Englishman, I’ve found I get worse every year with the fear of flying thing (although when we did our last big trip in South America and had to do 12 flights in total over 5 weeks I was much better, actually).
    I am the same – watch the air hostesses for signs of panic, wonder how the plane stays up, etc etc. I even have been known to bawl my eyes out during turbulence and during landings! My husband’s hand has barely survived the many flights we’ve taken. It’s stupid. I used to be so fine about flying. I don’t know why I’m so scared now.
    Someone told me that when you have a kid you get over fear of flying pretty quick because you have them to think about / tend to / feed / amuse etc etc etc. I don’t know if that’s true because we’ve not yet flown with Charlie, but have you with Reeve? Or is this the first flight with him??

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    1. Wow! 12 flights over 5 weeks!! That’s crazy man. But I suppose you would get used to it if you were flying like a rockstar!

      I have had many breakdowns on flights. Crying breakdowns that is. Not screaming insanity ones.

      Yeah I have heard the opposite actually. Some people think when you have kids you get more scared, because there is more to lose? Reeve has been on many flights with me, but not for awhile. He was quite young when he went. He will be fine. I hope!


    1. Small planes are the worst. I had a really bad experience on one a few years back, and swore I would never get on another. Odds are on my side, but I just wish they would give me a parachute πŸ˜‰


  6. Ahh you poor thing. There have been times when I’ve been scared of flying, like when I was on a tiny plane flying into Flagstaff Arizona. There was so much wind we were flip flopping all over the place. Hmm, you probably don’t want to hear that. Drink wine. Lots of it and you’ll be fine πŸ™‚

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  7. Great read Kel, a couple of early wines, your two gorgeous men beside you (Reeve and your calm husband) I am sure it will be all good. My worst thing is the very small toilets and not being able to get out of them – the lock is jammed so I encourage him to wait at the door so he can save me if need be. xx

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