How perfect are these beings. These ones that come to us in different ways. The humans that are just perfect in all their natural state and personality.

The ones that make us feel some new emotion when they are born. I don’t know if their is a name for it. It’s not love. It’s so much more than that. The world will eventually figure out a name for it. But for now, we are happy just to feel this feeling.

Bless the children. For you have created something brand new for us.

Five week old Reeve. Photo by Lil Impressions.
Five week old Reeve.
Photo by Lil Impressions.

The ones that we could just live off their sweet, sweet breath. Because it is so pure and there is nothing like it in the world.

They are the ones who can turn a non-maternal adult, into an immediate lover of children as soon as they look at their newborns face.

Bless the children. For your natural innocence makes the world a better place.

These amazing humans that we will do anything for. We watch from afar and want to protect you forever. You can make our hearts jump if you fall. Our hearts nearly stop if you cry. And our hearts race when you laugh.

We could nearly cry every time your tiny hand grabs ours to cross the road. We adore how you ask simple questions about every single thing you come across.

Bless the children. For your wonder in all things around you, will make you into the person you will become.

Eight month old Reeve
Eight month old Reeve

We could spend hours on end looking at you. We do spend hours on end to make sure you are fed, comfortable and safe. There is no greater enemy than time…..we wish we could be here forever with you. To make sure you are always safe. Forever.

Promise us you will be good people. Make sure you look after those around you. Please show us that you have learnt from us. To strive, grow, be kind and listen throughout your lives.

Bless the children. For you are the reason the world goes on.

Reeve, 16 months old.
Reeve, 16 months old.

Thank you for taking our breath away by just smiling. Thank you for learning to a capacity us adults will never understand. Thank you for being here in our lives. Thank you so very much beautiful child.

Bless the children. You are the reason why.

Love (as Reeve says),


p.s. This post is strangely off course for me, as I am usually not this kind of soppy in my writing. But I thought it was time for a ‘lovey-dovey’ post :).

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12 thoughts on “BLESS THE CHILDREN

  1. Just love that post Kel, absolutely gorgeous. You are so enjoying motherhood and I believe there is no other feeling than the love you have for your children, it certainly is precious. xx

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