I am still am having a bit of a holiday while my Mumma is visiting, so I have another guest post today. Rachel from The Mama Files is contributing todays story. She is sort of like my friend, but I have never actually met her in real life…..just in ‘blog world’. We do get along well, and I love her style of writing. Check out her funny post below on why she cries at stupid shit. I bet you anything you have cried at some of these things too. Please head over to her site to follow her as well 🙂.

I used to think you only cried when you were sad. Since having a baby I’ve realised that is a) crap and b) that I am the world’s biggest sooky la-la. Hormonally, I have changed. I can’t deny that. Pretty much anything can set me off, and far from beating myself up, I have decided to embrace the random weep with gusto. elitedaily_cryingwoman1 I always say, ‘No reason’ when my husband asks why I’m crying, because sometimes I literally can’t put my finger on why I’m sobbing into one of the couch cushions. But on reflection, there usually IS a reason I’m losing the plot. They’re just never very good reasons – in fact, often they’re downright ridiculous reasons, often TV related, and nothing I want to actually say aloud. Like these…

1. My Fitbit is missing (probably in the wash again) and my dad is caning me on the step count and keeps sending me Nar-nar-nar-look-at-me-I’m-at-the-top-of-the-leaderboard messages. I cannot believe I thought it was a good idea to give him a Fitbit as a present.

2. My hip hurts so much I sometimes spiral and convince myself I have leg cancer, and that I will not be around to watch Charlie grow up. He will be raised by another woman (my poor widowed husband’s second wife) and he will call her ‘mum’ and… well, it’s a slippery slope, people.

3. Foxtel keeps putting Kramer Vs. Kramer on the movie channel. I usually tune in during that bit in the park where Dustin Hoffman is telling Billy he won’t be living with him anymore. I can’t even.

4. My wardrobe is like a sardine can of bras that don’t fit or only have one underwire, undies that ride up my butt crack and beautiful knee-high boots I haven’t worn for a year because of pregnancy and plantar faciitis. Instead, I’m getting around in big black clompy trainers. Sexy times.

5. The dryer has been broken FOREVER and when I rang Euromaid to order a warranty repair guy they fobbed me off with instructions on resetting it with a non-existent button on the back. That was two hours of cajoling the husband into lifting it off the shelf and looking for the button that I’ll never get back.

6. My stomach needs to spend about 576 hours at the gym. Installing-Muscles 7. It is near impossible to get to the gym when you have a small person hanging off your leg like a koala 24/7.

8. I can’t remember the last time I went to the movies which kinda makes me feel like I live on another planet.

9. I went to bed at midnight again and Charlie woke me up at 4am, crying. If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em, right?

10. I have to make dinner AGAIN. It’s like laundry… cooking dinner never ENDS.

11. I keep turning on the kid’s channel in the hope there will be something new and amazing on there. Instead it’s always Numberjacks or Lah Lah’s Big Live Band, both of which make me want to brain myself. lah_lah_s_adventures_19m3ce8-19m3ced 12. The shower’s been leaking for six months and now a tile is falling off the wall and I just know the water is seeping into the wall and turning into a bigger problem. Not really sure who to call first so I just don’t call anyone and eventually the guilt and worry about home maintenance (or lack thereof) sends me running for the… yes, you guessed it, the couch cushions.

13. We’ve run out of English Breakfast tea. This is almost as bad as running out of Pinot Grigio.

14. I just watched a baby hippo get gored and die on the National Geographic channel, which made me weep like that hippo was my own child. Since becoming a mum I can no longer handle the circle of life which means I probably have to stop watching the National Geographic channel.

What are you crying about lately? Do you enjoy a good weep? Please share in the comments so as to help Rachel not feel like such a hot mess.

About Rachel, from The Mama Files

rach-charlie-mama-profile-polaroidI’m Rachel, a journo, blogger and new mum living in Sydney with my husband and our baby, Charlie. The Mama Files is my diary of sorts, and a way of making sense of the parallel universe I’m now living in. I mean, it looks like my old life, but without the late nights out and cocktails and weekend sleep-ins and ability to leave the house without carting the contents of a Babyco shop with me.

In addition, I puree (a lot). I know all the Teletubbies by name. I’m up with the birds and I’m down with the baby babble and there are hours and hours of bottom patting and cuddling and singing My Little Teapot and smooching my bubba’s fat chipmunk cheeks. Some days, I can’t imagine doing anything else, ever. Other days I just want to run screaming to the nearest bar and throw myself headfirst into a bucket of vodka.

You can follow The Mama Files on Facebook and on the blog at http://themamafiles.com.au/

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28 thoughts on “13 REASONS WHY I’M CRYING, OKAY? – Guest Post

    1. Fair enough. That is a good reason to cry I think. I cried watching an ad once too. I also cried during that TV series ‘The Office’. It is a comedy, and I was crying!! I was pregnant at the time though :). Thanks for reading. x


    1. No problem Rach! Thanks for helping me out with your guest post :). Yeah, I thought I would promote it a bit more for you. Who cares about rules!! Do what you want :). Haven’t touched the strawberries yet. They are way too special and sacred to eat 😉


  1. If I see that Hoopla Doopla show on ABC2 one more time, I may just cry 🙂 I can’t watch nature documentaries any more either. I almost cried over some ridiculous tv ad the other day, nothing special or particularly emotional, so I’m just putting that one down to severe sleep deprivation and being sick.

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    1. I was stupidly watching National Geographic again the other night and this time it was a baby elephant that hadn’t had enough to eat on the long trek to wherever they were going and it just laid down and died. And it’s mama stayed with it and let the group go on without her. So she probably died too. National Geographic has it IN for me, I swear!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Quite a few reasons there! I can’t lie and say I get *all* of these, but I’m a big softie myself, even more so since Baby L came into the world. My eyes are literally a river whenever I watch Long Lost Family. Hell, Don’t Tell The Bride even got me earlier today.

    Liked by 1 person

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