You know how small things can annoy the complete and utter crap out of us. If you didn’t know already, they are call Pet Peeves, or Pet Hates.

I have lots, you see. I am one of those people that can get easily irritated by the smallest of things. Just ask my husband, or even my Mum. No, don’t actually. That would annoy me.

I have one of those Resting Bitch Faces when I see one of my Pet Peeves happen in front of me. Don’t worry, I’m not all bitch. Just parts of me are. Like my face. Just like Kanyes’. Except I am not a black guy. And I have no facial hair. And I also don’t call my kid a direction on a compass.

My resting bitch face. Sort of like Kanyes'.
My resting bitch face. Sort of like Kanyes’.

So I have come up with my top Peeves below. They might make you laugh. Or you might think I am a complete dumb bum. Or you and me might be separated at birth, because you may be nodding your head in very loud agreement. I can hear you now……


As a note of caution, you may not like my opinions, you might think I am overreacting. So stop reading if you have to, because that is one of my Pet Peeves. People not agreeing with me.

  • Drivers who do not indicate when they need to. COME ON PEOPLE!! The indicator is attached to the car. It is used when you turn or merge or just happen to decide to move from your straight line. Sorry driver. I can’t read your mind. Thanks for ruining my day. I will be reeling about this now, until the sun goes down now.
Here it is! Nice and handy for you to use. USE IT!!
Here it is! Nice and handy for you to use. USE IT!!
  • Sneezers who sneeze more than three times in a row. If you go for the fourth, I am going to look at you weird. If you do five, I will leave the room and won’t calm down for a few minutes. If you just so happen to go for the sixth, I am going to have yell out to you “Get that shit under control man!”. I even get mad at myself if I sneeze more than three times.
  • People who decide to park right next to you in the carpark, even when there is a 1000 other parks available. Then they get out of the car at exactly the same time you get out of the car. Then there is that awkward moment where you say “No, you go first”. Don’t worry that I parked here first and you had plenty of other options. Just hurry up lady.
  • Plane passengers who have to stand up before the ‘seatbelt sign’ goes off. Everyone is in a rush to get off the plane okay? I love it when the air hostess gets on the speaker and says in a professional bitchy way, “As you can see, the SEATBELT SIGN is still on. Please take your seat for safety reasons arsehole!” They may have whispered the last word, but I totally get you air hostess.
  • Speaking of airports and flights, another Peeve is when people stand right up close to the baggage carousel at airports. Everyone breathe and take a step back. Your luggage goes around more than once okay? It’s not battle of the quickest to get their bag. Your bag won’t get confiscated if you don’t get it that very second.
  • Paying with credit card for something so small as a packet of gum. Honestly who doesn’t carry some sort of cash on them. You are holding the rest of the world up!

Also this……

IMAG0454Two extension cords that party at night in the cupboard. I didn’t do this. I have no time for this. These cords deserve my Resting Bitch Face…..

My resting bitch face. Sort of like Kanyes'.

And this…..


Scissors in impossible-to-open packaging. Wait! I will just get the scissors to open it. Oh wait. How ironic.

Go for it Kanye…….


I could go on forever!

I try to be positive most days though. You know, I wake up all happy ready to start the day, nothing is going to piss me off today, nothing. And then some lovely driver pulls in the lane in front of me, without indicating.

Nah. I’m still cool. I’m happy. Everything is awesome and I won’t get mad. And then I see the cafe staff chatting and talking about their weekend, while I am waiting to be served. I will still smile at them. I will still say thanks (through gritted teeth). I am still happy. Sort of.

And then I get home, get myself sorted and a telemarketer rings…..then my wrath is unleashed!

I can be a pretty cool chick too, so I will write a post on THINGS I LOVE as well. But this will be down the track a bit.

I just wanted to write these as a bit of a laugh, plus also make fun of myself. I actually do get annoyed at all of the above, but at least I can admit it. That’s just me.

Everyone has their little irks. Which is fine. We all do. I still am healthy, happy and normal (I think), but when you are a busy Mumma, little things can annoy us. We just don’t have time for fools and their games!

I dare you to write your Pet Peeves or Pet Hates! There has to be some little tiny things that annoy you.

You can leave your comments below, or also post on my Facebook page. Please SHARE and LIKE if you do enjoy reading :). I am also on Twitter and Instagram if you really want to love me.

Love (as Reeve says),


p.s. I LOVE Kanyes’ Resting Bitch Face. It’s my fave. No wonder everyone thinks he is a dick. He probably is quite a cool guy. Maybe he regrets the whole calling his kid North. Or maybe Kim is just high maintenance.

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  1. Ah yes the baggage carousel scrum makes me so cranky!! And I don’t know what’s going on with those bloody cables but mine seem to get up to some dirty dancing overnight too 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You have said it perfectly…the baggage carousel scrum! My cables get in love to much these days. I have no time for unwrangling their stupid lovefest.

      Thanks for your comment. xo


  2. When people in shops finish their conversation about their weekend before coming to serve me, that really grinds my gears. I don’t know if it’s because I usually have a small boy with me and waiting is far from being his forte, or because I’m jealous of their social life when all I got is social media, or because if I had done that when I worked in a shop I would have been bollocked by the boss. I think it is a bit of all of those things!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh yeah! Nope. It’s complete shit how workers are these days. All yap yap, and bitching about their lives….and oh, yes that’s right, customers!!! They don’t deserve jobs really. xo


  3. Haha! I am very easily irritated too, my husband would agree wholeheartedly. My list of pet peeves would be as long as yours! People who drive reeeeeally slow or wait for the biggest gap in the history of gaps to pull into traffic – TICK! Baristas who make weak milky coffee when I have paid good money to have a bought one – TICK! My cat and dog who get under my feet when I am right in the middle of the early morning/nightly rush hour – TICK! Husbands that don’t pick up their washing and put it RIGHT NEXT TO THE LAUNDRY BASKET instead of in it – TICK!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have heeeeeeeeaps more Haidee. Heaps more. But I didn’t want to sound like a Super Bitch. Slow drivers, yes, aha. They suck big time. Weak baristas. That’s what we should call them. Animals can be bastards. They know exactly what they are doing when they stand at your feet. Husbands are cool, then they are arseholes, then they are cool, then they just shit us. xo

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I laugh because until I read this I was unaware that I feel the same way about sneezers…also lower the volume, its not a contest! But seriously, car parks and airports definitely top the list of the most irritating places ever! Love this post x

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Found your blog next to mine on #TwinklyTuesdays and so glad I did! Hilarious! I will have to admit that I am one of those people who NEVER carries cash but I also make sure I purchase at least $10 worth of items 😉 I haven’t been on a plane in over 10 years but I totally get your drift with THOSE people, also the ones without a turn signal….ARSEHOLES as well. And that packaging has actually cut my finger trying to open it and I bled for what seemed like hours! Thanks for the laughs out loud….literally. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you!! I have been following your blog of late too :). And I love it!

      Oh, you are one of those people are you 😉 – a no cash carrier. Those blister packages are the worst. Whoever invented them is a bastard. They are sitting back laughing their butts off at everyone right now.

      Thanks for reading. xo

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha! I just barge my way through when I see my bag. If heads and feet get stepped on, then so be it. And yes, the best weapon is a loaded suitcase!

      Thanks for reading Debbie. Will check out your blog too. xo


  6. I’m so glad I’ve discovered you…you sound manic and crazy and you MAKE ME LAUGH! I have SOOOO many hates I couldn’t even list them in one post. My work colleague chants “Hate hate hate” when I start to say I hate something because i obviously say it so much. I’m with you on all these. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  7. YES! Kanye’s bitch face is the ultimate. I’m pregnant at the moment – top of my list of pet peeves is EVERYTHING and EVERYONE. Particularly everyone using the tube in London. Would quite like to travel with Kanye so he could express how I feel…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh yes! You would be super hateful on everything right now. Especially with those hormones :). Maybe print a big cardboard cutout of Kanye, and when someone pisses you off, shove the cardboard cutout in their face. They should get the picture – literally!!!

      Thanks for reading. xo


  8. Oh my goodness, but this was funny! My pet peeves are mostly grammar-related. But I’m also annoyed by the indicator light thing. They exist for a reason!

    Thanks for linking with #TwinklyTuesday.

    Liked by 1 person

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