Does everyone have a night time ritual/routine with their kids? You know, all the things you have to do before your kid actually goes to sleep. Stuff like…….

Brush their teeth, read them a book, grab a teddy, put them to bed, sing a song, get them a glass of water, tuck them in, change their nappy (diaper), sing them another song, get them something to eat, get them another glass of water, tuck them in, slam the door and walk away, get up to them calling out, change their nappy (diaper), start pulling out your hair, cry a bit to yourself, slam the door and walk away, then go back and say sorry, kiss them, close the door, jump into bed and then realise you only have 30 minutes of sleep before the next day starts?


The above is the story of craziness. But it happens! We are lucky, as Reeve doesn’t carry on too much before bed and through the night, but he definitely has his moments.

Just last night, I think I got up to him around 12 times. Twelve times!!! That doesn’t happen much these days, so I feel a bit hungover from tiredness this morning (Tiredness hangovers are only just a little bit better than alcohol induced hangovers).

There was nothing wrong (of course), just him calling out “MUM. MUM. MUMMA. MUM”. I would go into check him, “Yes Master. What did you want?”. There would be just a mumble back from him, so I would just lay him back down and tuck him in……..again.

After the 8th time of this little scenario, and the clock ticked 1:30am, I had to start pulling the big guns out – not literally guys. Relax.

This was just getting ridiculous. He wasn’t sick. He wasn’t upset. He was just being a 2 year old. So I started to tell him, “Reeve. No calling out unless it’s really, really urgent. Okay? Like really really urgent. The sky has to be falling for you to call out. Okay? Okay?”

“Okay Mum”, a meek reply came back.

So then I obviously felt like Queen Super Bitch from Bitchland. My poor kid just wanted me, and here I am telling him not to call out unless Chicken Little came screaming into his room……………….. ‘THE SKY IS FALLING. THE SKY IS FALLING. SCREAM OUT TO YOUR HOPELESS MOTHER TO COME SAVE YOU, REEVE!!!’

Chicken Little. A better parent than me.
Chicken Little. A better parent than me.

All kids go through these phases where they will find a way to get out of sleep. Reeves’ Dad is still away, so he has been a bit unsettled at night. Again, I am lucky that he doesn’t usually ‘play up’ at night, but I am so not used to this ‘getting-up-every-hour’, I just had to have a whinge about it.

My sons’ normal night time ritual is:

  • Sing the Giggle and Hoot (kids show) night night song. We slow wave our arms and everything in the air. We have pretend microphones and we sing like Bon Jovi does – emotional and awesome.
  • Brush his teeth, while reminiscing about the night night song we just sung.
  • Say good night to the moon and stars outside. He loooooves the moon.
  • Tuck him into bed and chat about our day together for a couple of minutes.
  • Kiss, cuddle, kiss, cuddle, kiss, cuddle, until I say “Okay Reeve, that’s enough mate”.
  • Say goodnight and leave his door open at least 3 inches. If that godforsaken door is closed anymore than that, the world will end (according to my son).
  • Then just hope for the best that he goes off to sleep with no fuss.

I sometimes could easily lay in bed with Reeve once he is in bed, but I know that he won’t go to sleep if I did that. He would get super excited, jump around and start asking a billion questions/talk my ear off……

~ “What’s that Mummy?”
~ “I just pop-offed (farted) Mummy…hehehehehehe!”
~ “Mummy. Where’s Daddy?”
~ “I’m hungi (hungry)”
~ “Giggle, giggle, giggle*” *Imagine continuous laughter for the next 2 hours

bedtime_quoteSo we stick to our night time routine, and that seems to work for him. We understand routines change when something is unsettled at home, or he is not well, or even just as he gets older and wants to change it up. But I think it is important for every child to have some sort of night time routine. Hey, that’s just my opinion though.

Do my lovely readers have a routine with their kids? Would love to hear any of your end of the day wind downs. I could get some good ideas from you!

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Love (as Reeve says),


p.s. I think I got up every hour to Reeve last night, then he woke up at 5:30am ready to start the day. Yay.

I apologise if this post sounds like a foreign language to you. I am in a bit of a daze.

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23 thoughts on “THE NIGHT TIME RITUAL

  1. Hahaha another great post on something close to my heart. Ah, the nighttime routine. I think I wrote about it once. Basically our long and involved routine of ridiculousness goes like this:

    5pm Dinner. All of it on the floor. Cue screeching because he’s hungry and all of it is on the floor.

    5.30pm Bath. Which often involves a poo. Lovely way to end a bath, don’t you think?

    5.45pm PJs. But first we have to crawl around naked, crawl around with just a nappy on, try to pull the nappy box off the shelf 1 million times, laugh at self in mirror, cry, kick mummy, refuse to put pjs on, create general chaos.

    6pm Take bubba and bottle into dark room. Put down blind, put on rain app, settle on bed, give bottle.

    6.20pm If really tired, he’ll conk out. If not really tired, he’ll pretend he is a truck for half an hour while I try in vain to collapse his legs and arms to get him into a lying position.

    6.30pm Hopefully asleep and I am hopefully catatonic on couch with wine.

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    1. It’s the end of the day where lots of shitty things are crammed into a couple of hours. Bit hard to handle sometimes. Charlie sounds cute when you write it like that. My kid is cute too, but I swear to god if he does it again tonight, I think I will jump out the window. I am so tired.

      I am so tired I can’t even drink wine. Me saying that is weird. Have a wine for me lovely. xo


    1. Thanks Ami. Yes, the guilt. The guilt is worse than any hangover I have ever had. But you are right, they just have to learn and get on with it. He certainly is a character. He cracks me up all the time :).

      Thanks for reading. xo


  2. Yes, we have a bedtime routine which is definitely the most important of our routines. I find that the bedtime story helps settle everyone for sleep. I love the quote about when the kids become teenagers and there will be payback for waking us up lol #bigfatlinky

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    1. Yep, the bedtime story is the best. Except I am getting a bit sick of reading the same book over and over!

      Reeve is so going to get some big arse payback when he is a teenager. I am going to crawl all over him, poke him in the eye, laugh really loudly in his ear, and yell out “I’m Hungi” until he gets up. I CAN’T WAIT :)!!!


  3. you poor thing 😦 I know what its like for these tiny humans to wake every hour….sigh…. I would have thought it gets better when you can talk to them, but apparently not.. things to look forwards to! Our routine is bath, play (because bath = playtime), book, song, cuddles then say good night to mum and kitkat, cuddles with dad and the mum feeds and puts to bed. A bedtime routine was the best thing we did!

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    1. They really do go through phases no matter what their age. So Reeve is generally good, but sometimes he will go weeks with playing up and our normal ‘routine’ goes to shit. But we just keep persisting! It really is the best – having a night time/bedtime routine. xo


  4. Such a great post!! We had a rather intense routine for years that we are slowly running down. But saying that if we changed our little routine the boys won’t settle. Now its simple. Bath, pj’s, one Simpsons, story and bed. And even that’s a lot on some days lol thanks for linking up with us on the #bigfatlinky hope to see you there this week

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  5. 12 times! I would lose my mind! Ha. My two year old gets up a few nights a week but he just walks into our room and we let him in our bed for the rest of the night. Not sure if it’s the best idea or if I really get more sleep. He wants to sleep on my head and push me off the bed. Now that I’m pregnant it’s starting to be more of an issue.

    We have our routines too but we’re trying to change them up a bit and leave the room while he’s still awake. It’s successful about half the time right now. Wish us luck!

    Stopped by from #momsterslink

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    1. I would allow my son to get into bed with us too, but I just can’t get any sleep when he is there. He constantly moves! And I am the lightest sleeper.

      Well good luck with changing your routines, and with the new bub 🙂 xo


  6. Hahaha! Passes the coffee … We tried, with varying degrees of success, to teach the Tubblet that there was no point in staying up at night as nothing exciting happened. At all. Ever. Now she’s older she has found out that’s so true!

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  7. I’m glad my child is not the only one who does this, some nights I try to be so patient with him but then after the 15th time out of bed and pure exhaustion has set in I lose it. Then I feel awful. My son is 5 I hope he will grow out of this soon. Love the ecard by the way too funny. Good luck with getting some sleep. #momsterslink

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  8. My routine is I tell them to go to bed. I used to do the whole lets all lay down and I will read a story but with a 3,4, and 5 year old it’s just complete and utter chaos. I also used to go and tuck each and everyone of them in at night but that became a game to them calling me in repeatedly cause they forgot hugs and kisses or their blanket came off. I have come to realize that sometimes kids just know how to play their parents. So now 30 minutes before actual bedtime I lay out their pjs and tell them to all put them on (mommy doesn’t do the dressing anymore) While they are getting pj’s on I get their toothbrushes out and apply the toothpaste (lord knows it would be everywhere if I didn’t ~ the 5 year old can paste his own brush and sometimes even does his sisters) once the teeth are brushed if there is still time remaining which there usually isn’t I let them watch the last of a show that’s on. Then I say ok come give me hugs and kisses and go to bed. And low and behold there is no more bedtime stress. Now I may be a bad mommy cause I don’t “tuck” my kids in or read to them at night but I have found that this is what works best for all participants involved. Especially my sanity. Wow I am chatty today. Thanks for linking with #momsterslink!

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