I have always been a bit of a proactive and quite organised parent (well I think I am), in regards to researching some fun activities for Reeve, prepping some yummy but healthy food, plus just getting all the ‘stuff’ ready for us to do for that day, and then cramming in all those mundane daily jobs on top of that.

I do this because if I don’t, then my day goes to shit. Really, it does. If I don’t have a plan then I will need to prepare for some serious whinging, plus me also hating myself on why I didn’t organise something to do/eat/play/read etc!!

Oh my life as a Mother (and yes I will write that will a capital ‘M’, because it is necessary), comes with trying to be the ‘Awesome God of Wonder’ on how do you keep your beautiful child entertained, plus not let the day drag on, plus make sure our household is clean, plus a billion other jobs that need to get done today.

We all know as guardians over these humans that parenting is never predictable. I wake up and think to myself nearly every morning all these normal things:

1. What are we going to do today?
2. How do I keep him entertained?
3. What do I feed him?
4. Shit, what are we going to do today??
5. Oh my god, how do I keep him entertained??
6. Aargghh!! What do I feed him??
7. Holy hell….look at my house and what I’ve got to get done today.

See a pattern here? God I hope you do because I am over thinking of things to do with Reeve, plus trying to get all my jobs done! I should have studied Marketing for Toddlers and also be one of those weirdos who live on 1 hour of sleep (by choice) a day.

I know you are probably saying ‘Be creative, he’s fine, he doesn’t need much to keep him entertained, blah, blah, blah’. Don’t worry I used to say that too…when he was a baby, and didn’t move.

Bored are you? Well help me clean the house. Good boy.
Bored are you? Well help me clean the house. Good boy.

For Reeve’s entertainment, I try to have some awesome ideas.. here we go:

There’s craft: takes like 20 minutes to setup, and actual craft play lasts for 3 minutes. Another 20 minutes is now for cleaning up the bastard glue, glitter, paint and all those lovely things that stick to your floor.
Kicking the ball: I don’t think I do it right, he always asks or mumbles something about his Dad, so I think I’m out there.
Playing cars: we seem to wreck my furniture and walls while we are playing. Yes, the joys of having a boy. And we always ends up with me calling it off because I have dents in places that I can’t fix.
TV: hmm I’m up and down about this one. I do put it on for him, but I definitely get guilty as a Mum for having it on sometimes. Yes, I get heaps done while its on, but I rush around like a mad woman to get my chores done while he is watching. As we all long as it’s educational show?
Playdough: well Reeve seems to have a fetish of eating it still. I thought they stopped after 18 months, but he hasn’t caught on. We play and cut out shapes but you will hear me screaming every 30 seconds, “Reeve, stop eating the bloody playdough”. So I get worried that he is going to get clogged up and end up putting it away.
Reading: Sorry but I am done, and I mean burnt steak well done, on reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Yes it’s an awesome book, but it has turned me into this crazy caterpillar hater lady! I have read that bastard of a book like 1501 times!!! Choose something else child….you have so many other options in your room!

NO MORE HUNGRY CATERPILLAR!! It's driving me insane!!! (image from
NO MORE HUNGRY CATERPILLAR!! It’s driving me insane!!!
(image from

And yes there’s lots more that we do, but sometimes I just don’t want to (judge me all you like). So we just go to the shops and have morning tea and just let all the old Nannas come up to him and ask him questions, and say how cute he is. That makes it better. But then I sit there and think about all the things I should be getting done at home.

I have learnt a lot along the way since I became a Mum. I believe that it is important to be super organised for the day ahead so you can deal with any little drama that pops up – guaranteed to happen when you have children. Also, that it is nice to do some fun things with your child, but that it possibly just can’t happen every day.

Stuff needs to get done as we all know. I won’t go through the normal list of what a stay-at-home parent does, as it’s too boring and we have heard it all before. But I do get the guilts when I see Reeve is a bit bored because I haven’t played a game with him; or I have just given him a piece of bread and butter for a snack because I haven’t had a chance to do the groceries; or he asks when Daddy is getting home because I am just a crap and boring Mother!

As Mother’s Day is happening this Sunday (I forgot, a television ad reminded me), it is nice to sit and relax and celebrate our jobs and the kids we have created.

It’s a big job, being a Parent.

It can be a lonely and exhausting job too.

But it is also the best.

I do have to remind myself that I am doing okay. My husband also does remind me too, which is definitely needed. But we put way too much pressure on ourselves with trying to be the best at everything.

Happy Mother’s Day to all great Mums out there. Thanks for being there for your kids, even when you don’t think you are there enough. Thanks for doing the same jobs over and over and over again even when you don’t want to. Thanks for keeping your kids entertained when you can, keeping them healthy and happy, and just being there as a Parent. Well done Mummas….

Love (as Reeve says),


p.s. I wrote this post while I also ironed, cooked, threw some washing on, and ate cheese and crackers. Females are so the best multi-taskers ever :).

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12 thoughts on “MOTHER WITH A CAPITAL ‘M’

  1. Our Hungry Caterpillar book got ripped to pieces by little boys putting their fingers in the holes (they must be irresistible to children those holes cos let’s face it, the illustrations are not exactly the most exciting thing I have ever seen) and yet it is just THE book to kids everywhere. Maybe they are hungry too so this resonates with them.

    At least you butter the bread, mine just get it plain straight out of the bag! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No they aren’t the most exciting are they? I think it’s just a classic favourite with families, so everyone recommends it for new Mums or friends buy it for your child.

      Ha! Don’t worry, I sometimes give it to him unbuttered. Or just some dry crackers. Whatever scrapings I have left in my fridge sometimes! xo

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I had a great day. Yes I know he does appreciate it all, and he is too young to know better. I love being with him, but sometimes I have no idea what to do to entertain him! I will get there :).

      Thanks for reading. xo


  2. Hey Kel. You probably have the activity thing sussed but if not, let me know – there has been on a post on a FB group I follow called Inner West Mums with HEAPS of ideas for things to do with toddlers (which don’t cost a thing and basically involve inane tasks like moving pasta from one container to another, fitting lids on a heap of different containers, ‘painting’ the fence with a paintbrush and bucket of water 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Great ideas! Thanks for that. Yeah, I wrote this one awhile ago, but always on the lookout for new ideas. Any outside ideas are the best for him. He’s not very indoorsie……as most boys aren’t. Thanks, will have a look. xo


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