This has got to be one of the best things a human being can ask you I think….Can I have a cuddle?

Every time Reeve says this to me, I will drop whatever I am doing to give him a cuddle. I could be doing the dishes, cooking, blogging, or sleeping in (just jokes, that doesn’t exist anymore).

Who cares what I am doing….I will run to that kid and indulge in all his affection immediately. He is probably catching on to how quick I quit whatever I am doing and use this to his benefit soon, but hey, hopefully he doesn’t abuse the situation too early…(see my p.s. below).

Just over the last couple of months I have noticed that he is asking for cuddles more often, and just out of the blue too. It really makes me all warm and happy inside when I hear him say it, but then a little voice in my head pipes up and says “Shit. What is this kid really up to?”. And then I remind myself he’s 2 years old, and isn’t buttering me up to ask if he can go out clubbing with his mates. I will need to wait a few more years until the blackmail starts.

He has 1001 different cuddles, and I love them all. They range from, the big crash tackle hug around my poor neck, to the soft little touch on my hand while he is watching his favourite show, to the arm that is slung across my throat when he is asleep, to the heartbreaking one when he is really scared or has hurt himself. All kids have their own style, but they are all very precious.

Me asking for a cuddle from Reeve on the other hand, doesn’t seem to go as nicely. He has his rules when going in for a cuddle…
1. He asks and he gets.
2. Mum asks, and he blatantly refuses.
You should see how I react when I don’t get the cuddle I asked for! You would think I was the toddler. But hey, these young humans all have their own certain rules when it comes to affection.

Reeve giving Matt his Father’s Day present last year. Oh, melt my heart. xo

I don’t think anyone who gets a cuddle request from another person – anyone from a toddler to an old lady – could refuse. If you do refuse, well then you’re just a dick.

Wars, murders, assaults, arguments, road rage or bitchy check out chicks could all disappear if one of the parties just asked, “Can I have cuddle?”. But no, some of us have to be problem makers and do dumbarse things to other humans.

I read an article somewhere on ‘3 Ways to Cuddle’ (I didn’t need the advice, I just thought it might give me a laugh). There are bloody articles on one of the most simplest things in the world (well I thought it was simple)!! They start by saying….

‘Make sure your intentions for cuddling are clear…. Don’t jump into cuddling…..You don’t want to scare them’….
Seriously??!! Just ask the other person for a cuddle. It’s that easy dumbie! If they say no, then take it on the chin, or throw a tantrum/pretend cry until you get one (this seems to work for me when I am refused a hug from Reeve).

‘Be aware of environmental factors’….
Okay. I am just asking for a two second cuddle here, not a seven day embrace. If I really have to log on to the weather channel to check if I am going to sweat too much while we hug, it’s not worth it.  This is the reason we have so many stupid people out there that think too much about affection, and read articles about ‘How to Cuddle’ (hey, I was only doing it for humorous research purposes).

‘Get Comfortable’….
Now that I think about it, I may have been reading an article for adolescent teens who are trying to make the next move on their girlfriend. Whoops. Sorry about that. We won’t worry about getting into this part.

The point is…….don’t think twice about reciprocating in a hug/cuddle (unless it’s from some weird guy up the street who drools every time he looks at you), as it can make everyone feel good. Most times, maybe 99% of the time, people ask for it just because they simply want a hug….and that’s it! Except for all you men out there……you always want something else.

I can guarantee that there will be days in the future when my son won’t even want to go 10 feet near me, let alone give me a cuddle! So I will always grab the cuddle opportunity when it comes up, and not let go of that special time until he does in the future. Eventually when he is over his insecure and weird teenage years, he will come back and ask for a hug (hopefully).

So I think it’s lovely when anyone asks you for a cuddle, but even more special when your innocent little bubba asks. Please cuddle your kids, or your partners, or your Grandparents, or your pets, or your plants – whatever floats your boat! It is proven that cuddles are good for the soul. So don’t deprive yourself or anyone else of them.

The End….now give me a cuddle please 🙂

I hope everyone had a Safe and Cuddly Easter. Share your cuddle photos on my facebook page to show it’s ok to hug, and that you don’t need a manual to do it :).  #embracethehug

Love (as Reeve says),


p.s. Reeve just gave me a big massive cuddle this morning, then looked me in the eye and said “Mummy, can I have a Wow (his words for a treat)?” The little bugger has clocked on already! Oh well, I will still enjoy his cuddles while they last.


4 thoughts on “MUM, CAN I HAVE A CUDDLE?

  1. Love it Kel and we know that Reeve certainly gives just beautiful cuddles and I am sure it will continue for a very very long time…forever I am sure Sue xx

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  2. Kel

    A great Blog or whatever you call itJ. I am not sure I liked it because I know the little man or just because I agree with your words but …….. well done.


    Liked by 1 person

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