You know how you go on a holiday, and the things you would normally feel guilty about doing at home, are completely okay to do when you are on holiday?…..

Things like, doing absolutely freaking nothing; having wine with breakfast; letting your kid eat whatever the hell they want; having wine with lunch; napping every 25 minutes; having wine with your afternoon coffee; just eating one food group (wine); or just having wine.

Yeah, I think we all go to this place when we are on a long deserved break.

Holidays with the family are always a treat and something to look forward to, but the important thing to remember is….

EVERYONE WINS when Mumma has a well deserved holiday!!
(make sure there is wine though)

If Mumma is relaxed and refreshed, everyone else in that household can rest easy. Angry, irrational and psycho Mum will disappear if she has a little break.

Before my holiday, I was really starting to understand Grumpy Cats anger.

You will know when us Mums are long overdue for a break….

  • We look at the clock around 1458 times a day and wonder why an hour has only passed…is the clock broken? How the hell are we going to get through the next 8 hours?
  • We think some homeless lady has broken in and claimed the bathroom, no, it’s just our reflection in the mirror.
  • Our kid’s favourite DVD is broken from being stuck on replay for the last 5 days. They just don’t make things like they used to.
  • Small (or just any) noises irritate us  – birds chirping, your kids’ chewing, the neighbour up the street coughs, your husband sneezes too many times (get that shit under control man), or a fly buzzes past….those noises can make an uptight, un-holidayed Mumma freak out and turn into an unwanted creature from hell.

We recently just got back from a family holiday where there was a few of us staying in a house we rented. I had been counting down the days until this holiday for so long. There were also extra hands (extended family) on deck to help with Reeve, so this wasn’t just a holiday, this was pure heaven.

Chips, chocolate, Music Max TV….and we all lived happily ever after. Ahh! Holidays.

This break was super relaxing for me. Pity I put on a heap of weight but, pffft…I’m on holidays. Our household usually is quite healthy with what we eat during non-holiday time, but when we are on holidays, that changes just a bit. So there were a couple of times on this break where our day would start like this….

Reeve wanted a chocolate at 6:30am…Sure, why not?
Reeve wanted another chocolate at 6:35am…Sure, why not?
Want another at 6:36am?…Sure, have the whole bag, Mummy’s going to crack open the wine…….

I’m on holidays.

Every time one of us felt guilty about eating, drinking or sleeping, we brought out the old faithful, ‘It’s all good, we are on holidays’. That always made us stop justifying the evil we were doing.

All us Mummas need a break every now and then…with the family, or without the family (yeah whatever, that is never going to happen…how would they survive without us). But try and plan a mini break for yourself every now and then if you can. You will hopefully feel refreshed and more relaxed.

Even if it’s staying in the shower for an extra 5 minutes, or pretending you are sick in bed in the morning (so hubby has to stay and entertain the kids), or saying that a long lost friend is calling so you definitely have to speak to them – who cares if you lied and just sit outside and look at the grass for an hour, pretending to speak to some imaginary person. At least you are by yourself!

Yes people, I know I am grasping at an extra few minutes here and there but goddamn!……that shit adds up in the end! Take whatever you can!

So after five days of me and the family eating crap, drinking too much wine, and having the odd sleep in….Mumma is nice and relaxed. It was just what I needed, but then again…..I DON’T WANT TO GO BACK TO REALITY!! God knows how long it’s going to be until my next holiday. Can I cope without one for a few days? Can I be a mother that goes back into everyday routine? Is it possible that I can go without a wine with breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner??? Aaarrggh!!! I’m scared to go back to normal life!!!

Wish me luck readers. Wish me luck.

Love (as Reeve says),


p.s. I know the word ‘wine’ was used a lot in this blog, but mehh, who cares….I was on holidays and I now feel refreshed…and a touch hungover.

Friday Frolics


  1. hahaha! Kell – too funny!
    I’ve been reading every blog so far & can totally relate… I can’t wait until you have another bub as things get crazier & you’ll def have some funny stories to use on your blog!
    Keep ’em comin’!


  2. I so related to this! Just came back from a family holiday and whilst not exactly a sitting around on my arse holiday staring into space it was wayyy better than the usual mummy boot camp and I too had a bit of the fear coming back…but it was all good in the end. Hope you made the transition ok hon! #FridayFrolics

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh you lucky duck!! I haven’t been on a holiday since this blog. It feels like a billion years ago now. I barely remember it.

      I transitioned okay, but I still crave wine with my breakfast ;).

      Thanks for reading. xo

      Liked by 1 person

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