So this might be not so much of a blog, but more a list of the things I either love, appreciate, am flattered by, surprised by, or just simply enjoy.

As a reader you probably couldn’t give a rat’s what I enjoy, but the purpose of this blog/list is to encourage my readers to have a think to themselves about your everyday life (if it be with kids, or without). Even if you don’t write it down, just think about a couple of things that made you happy or grateful for that day…….yeah, I know I sound like one of those over eager wellness coaches, but just do it, okay?

Maybe a couple of these examples below will help you:

  • The postie didn’t deliver any heartbreaking bills today… will just get them on email now…stupid arse technology.
  • Or maybe it was just because the yoghurt in your fridge still tasted fine, even though the use by date was last week….stupid arse dairy that can’t last forever.
  • Or maybe your kid didn’t throw the biggest, stinkiest, horrifying tantrum just because you gave them vegemite toast instead of jam toast…..stupid arse vegemite that has to ruin everything.

I hoped I sparked some lovely and grateful memories in the above examples. Here a few of mine…….

  • I love if my Reevie somehow fights his 5:30am up-and-at-em start, and sleeps in for another 15 minutes. This blog is called the ‘Simple Things’ kids….so this is pure heaven when this happens.
  • Waybuloo. This show is by far the best kid’s show. It’s on weekends, and super early when you just want to sleep, but your kid has other ideas. It keeps Reeve interested, whilst playing relaxing music and doing yoga and other meditating shit. So much better than those screeching characters from Elmo the Musical (retire Elmo, please retire).
These creepy little guys are the bomb! God bless you Waybuloo! (image from
These creepy little guys are the bomb! God bless you Waybuloo!
(image from
  • When my coffee is on the bench just when I need it. My amazing husband makes the best coffee – strong, and just in coffee form – that will do Matt, that will do.
  • How Reeve walks outside in the mornings, or just looks out the blinds, and turns to me and says ‘Oh Mumma, it’s a nice daaayyy’. That stuff just makes my heart melt.
Mumma!! It's a nice day!
Mumma!! It’s a nice day!
  • I love when my house is clean and I don’t have to think about it for another 3 hours…yes, meals times can be quite messy at times – I have found rice bubbles stuck on our fan at one time…… I am talking about my ceiling fan people.
  • I laugh/cry when my son will go get his toy hammer to fix Mummy’s head from maybe one too many wines the night before. Funny, sort of….I stop him when he gets the toy wrench out…god knows what he is going to do with that and my hangover.
  • When my husband Matt texts me to say he will be home early! That kind of news will make a stay-at-home parent high five a stranger in the street, or contact the local paper – it’s that freaking exciting!
  • When an awesome person at the shops comes up to me and Reeve to tell me how beautiful he is, or even how well behaved he is.
  • Having my son behave and hold my hand the whole time we are out because I just simply asked him to….. I may have bribed him with a packet of lollies, but let’s not go there.
  • Just when a day goes to plan. Meaning anything from just getting myself and Reeve dressed, breakfast in our bellies, getting into the car and go wherever we have to for that day. No screaming, no crying, no road rage, no turning up Foo Fighters to drown out the child in the back of the car….. just pure peace and satisfaction….even if it was just for one hour that morning.
  • I love when my little boy runs up and gives me a hug and kiss…for absolutely no reason. Bless him.
  • I appreciate when my husband comes home for the day and I can handball Reeve to him (sometimes I actually do handball him to Matt. It’s quite impressive to see).
  • But my favourite part of the day is when I say goodnight to Reeve. No, not because he is going to bed (well, a little bit), but because I lie down with him for a couple of minutes while we talk about what happened that day. That is special when you look at the person you made, and just be so happy that they are happy.

It is all about the simple things when you are a parent. These are just a scraping of mine, I have heaps more but you will hear about them later in future blogs.

Please try and appreciate lots of little things that happen in your day. Even if it’s because you found the last bit of chocolate in your fridge that’s been hiding underneath the cheese for 5 months…you found it….it’s yours…enjoy the bloody chocolate…don’t tell the rest of your family….keep that shit to yourself.

Now excuse me while I go yell at my son for trying to fix the fridge (because it made a noise) with his toy hammer……breathe and count to three Kelly.

Love (as Reeve says),


p.s. this blog is dedicated to all those bastard days where you just want to throw it all up in the air and walk out the front door, and NEVER EVER come back, all the while thinking ‘Fend for yourself family of mine, let’s see how long you last’.
Remember to appreciate the little things and these days won’t happen (well not too much anyway).


4 thoughts on “IT’S THE SIMPLE THINGS…

  1. If we’re celebrating the little things, I love it when my kid is finally asleep a whole TWO HOURS past his bedtime. In the interim we have had screaming, giggling, trying out all his new sounds (with dummy in mouth), crawling all over me and his dad, finding new shortcuts on our computers that even we didn’t know about, deleting my Instagram app and generally being an adorable monster. He’s finally down. FINALLY DOWN. FINALLY DOWN. *she says in a slightly manic voice, sitting on couch tearing hair out*

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Don’t you love how your kids play with your computer and somehow completely stuff it??!! No? Yeah, me either. Oh he just sounds so cutsie pie Rachel!! But I totally get your frustration and tiredness, and also manic voice. xo


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