I am a HUGE believer, and I mean big arse HUGE, on using manners all the time. And that goes for teaching my kid to use his manners….. ALL THE TIME.

Okay, my kid is two. So I understand he is not going to volunteer his time to the community, or open doors for his chicky babe friends, or help little old ladies with their shopping…..but I will be damned if he doesn’t say please when he wants something; thank you when he gets it; excuses himself when he needs to; plus looks you in the eye whilst he is talking to you!

YEAH OF COURSE I have to bloody remind him to do this, but definitely not as much as I used to….Why? Because I have instilled it into his brain that it is common nature to use his manners!!

Look me in the eye when you are talking to me....even if you are reading your form guide, upside down.
Look me in the eye when you are talking to me….even if you are reading your form guide upside down.

I know a lot of parents out there won’t start teaching their kids manners (or if at all) until they are a bit older….well good luck there honey, it will take you a hell of a lot longer for them to catch on now! I started teaching Reeve when he was only a few months old…..just call me the MANNERS NATZI!!

Whatever. I don’t care….because my kid uses his manners pretty much all the time now, and without me prompting him every single time.

Not sure about every parent out there but I don’t want to raise a child who has no respect for others, plus has got such a big ego that he can’t mutter a simple please or thank you. I am well aware that my kid and his manners will always reflect back on ME and his Dad…the ones who brought him up….so please don’t make us look bad child!

manners_1(Image from

Yeah I laugh at fart noises too and think it’s hilarious when my 2 year old chuckles when he has done a ‘bumbum’ (god knows where he learnt that expression), but once we have had our belly laugh, he always says ‘Pardon me’. Bless all that hard work of reminding him….it’s finally paid off!

I experienced a bad manners episode just the other day. No, it wasn’t from a child, it was from a fully grown human being. He was supposed to come around and quote me on some outside house maintenance, but when I rang him a week later to ask him why he hasn’t been around yet his response was……

Oh yeah, I forgot‘…..

Pardon me? I thought I heard wrong, but no, I heard right. I did pause to give him the chance to explain, but I got nothing.

There was no, ‘Sorry’.

There was no, ‘I’m so embarrassed. I will come right over and quote you now’.

There was not one hint of respect in his voice. Nope. There was just a shitty and sad excuse…..’I forgot’.


Even lie to me if you have to, but don’t say you forgot and act like I am an inconvenience to your, I assume, unsuccessful and failing business.

Yes, I know this isn’t surprising…a lot of adults are crap at manners, but I wonder if it was because they were never taught properly in the first place? Or maybe it’s because they have had a sucky life and just can’t be bothered anymore. Or maybe it’s because they never had the MANNERS NATZI, (a.k.a. – me), to hound them.

Look, I get it. Kids forget to use their p’s & q’s every now and then, but I will bet you anything that you will be able to tell the difference between a kid that forgets occasionally, and a kid that is just a rude brat and hasn’t been taught.

My little boy never stops running, laughing, screaming and making his Mumma go a bit loopy sometimes (43 times a day, give or take a few)….but at least he is on the road to having some respect for the human race. Please, please try and do the same with your kids as I really don’t want my kid growing up in a world of twits that can’t talk properly or that don’t have respect for others. Thanks in advance.

Now that MY. RANT. IS OVER, what does my lovely audience think about kids and manners? Do you think manners needs to be instilled constantly into your little ones, or do you think it comes naturally? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below :).

Love (as Reeve says),
p.s. Look, I even named my blog after how Reeve uses his manners with me! Understand the passion here people πŸ™‚

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  1. Right on sister. I often get people saying ‘your kids have lovely manners’….which makes me extremely proud (although Chelsea replies ‘thank you, my Nana tought me’!).
    Seriously how hard is it to smile, look you in the eye and say thank you, have a nice day?! Very hard for some……but I will not have my children be one of them.


    1. And so you should be proud Renae. I think it shows a lot if someone has gone out of the way to comment on your kids manners. That’s a bit funny that Chelsea puts all the good manner training on Nan :). Kids are funny. x


  2. Nothing wrong with manners! We are the same and we are always complimented on our kids manners. It doesn’t hurt at all and a huge gripe that annoys me is kids using adults first names when addressing them. Now that in our opinion is fricken rude! Parents should be teaching kids respect to adults and yes fair enough if the adult has said oh that’s cool they can call me …. But if not a mr or mrs doesn’t go astray!! Not a nazi at all! If you are then hell I must be too!! πŸ˜‰


    1. Oh Suse. Thank God we were brought up in the same era, as I totally agree with you. Manners will get our kids far. It’s so rare we hear good manners these days, maybe that’s why we comment so much when we hear them (good or bad)?.. Maybe it’s because we had Mums that were nurses so they didn’t take any shit, so they then relayed that back on us? Who knows. Thanks for your feedback other Natzi Mummy :). xx


  3. I totally agree. Nothing is cuter than a little one with some manners. “excuse me, mama” “please, may I have…” It doesn’t happen all the time around here and sometimes I just tire or reminding them. It IS important though. Grown adults should know better. Geez. I definitely wouldn’t be doing business with someone like that!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It is cute :). I think we all have to remind our kids, but at least they are getting there. Yeah, I gave that guy the flick. I am sure his business wouldn’t be lasting long if he treats customers like that! Thanks for reading. xo


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