I don’t really want to say this out loud to you as that would make it true, but…

I think the time has come….

The time has come for my toddler to…..

My toddler is going to……..Oh Crap!! I can’t even say it because I hyperventilate about my future and I end up a screaming mess on the ground.

Okay, okay I will say it really quickly (and in capitals so you can see how desperate i am)…….


What??!! He’s only just 2 years old, I hear you say. The ‘How to be an Amazing Parent’ Books didn’t mention this!!! They said closer to 3 years old. How could you not warn me about this?? You set me up, you bastards.

I hear all those sympathetic parents out there shake their heads in commiseration, and try to block out the memory of the day that their kid dropped their day sleep. They are the only ones who can relate to me right now. All you mums out there whose kids are still having 3 sleeps a day, come talk to me next year…you will see. Lucky biatches.

As I type this ‘end of the world’ blog I can hear my beautiful, but frustrating 2 year old babble to himself in his room. So, it’s not like he screams or cries or anything. No, that would be announcing to me that he certainly does need his daysleep. He will just lay there and talk to himself or scream out to me….

Him: ‘Mumma…Daddy home?
Other him: ‘Nah, Daddy’s at work.
Him: ‘Oh yeah, woooorrrkkk’ (like it’s some imaginary, made-up fantasy land that his father goes to. Man I wish I was at this ‘work’ place).

Him: ‘MUM!! I’m wakey!
Me: (silence)
Him: ‘MUM! MUM! MUUUMMMMM! I’m wakey now!


This little ‘I don’t want to go to sleep anymore during the day’ scenario, has been happening on and off for the last four or so weeks. So I probably should just accept it and get on with life.

NO! Goddammit! That is what a weak person would say.

You WILL go to sleep child and do as your told, while I love those 90, sometimes 120 minutes (if I’m lucky) of doing whatever the hell I want to do!

I think every parent goes through the same ritual, correct me if I’m wrong though:
Puts their cherub to bed;
Says ‘nigh nigh, see you soon’;
Closes the door;
Then runs slow motion down the hallway while doing heelkicks, and singing ‘Celebrate Good Times, Comon!’, or impersonating William Wallace in Braveheart.


I don’t think I am ready to say goodbye to that yet. No. I’m definitely not ready.

So my plan is to keep persisting over the next week with the daysleep and hope it’s just one of those toddler phases, or maybe it’s teething…aren’t all the shitty stages blamed on teething? I wonder if William Wallace went through this stage with his kids?

I am whinging here but that’s what my blog is about (a little anyway). I hope there is some other Mummas out there that can relate to me, as that is what I hope from this blog.  And I will say this – I love my son and will do anything to protect him, but there is no harm in having a vent about the ups and downs we all feel sometimes.

Okay I better go get this toddler from his unsuccessful day sleep, he’s only been in there four hours by himself…Only joking….I left him a plate of food and toy on the bedside table 😉

Love (as Reeve says),
p.s. I am hopefully relating to lots of Mums out there, so if you don’t like this blog, then kindly go somewhere else 🙂


8 thoughts on “OH PLEASE GOD NO!

  1. Awesome Kel, love it!
    Arh the day sleep…you can get soooo much done in that time. It’s now called Play School in our house, or Madagascar, or Wiggles, or Frozen or ….you get the idea! 😜
    Look forward to the next read x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Sharon! Yes, I’m a little bit heartbroken, but I will get used to it :). I still go to the park and make him do laps (like 50 laps!), so he is buggered and he can hopefully do a daysleep. x


  2. and then all of a sudden you realise your life has changed because you don’t need to work your day around the day nap… I too was devastated and occasionally still miss it, but its great being out and about in the middle of the day and not thinking, “must get home before the world falls apart…”

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